43 grams of meat per day: want to save As scientists the world

Just save the world, want to Tim Bendzko in one of his most famous Songs. “Time is running out to wait would be a shame for the whole world’s population”, – stated in the title. The 37 nutrition and economic experts from 16 countries and worked for three years with one of the most exciting questions of our time. “Can we feed the entire humanity healthy, without destroying the environment?”

Diet needs to change drastically

To sum it up: The research team believes that by the year 2050, people living on this earth – it is expected that approximately ten billion – can healthy be fed. And to bring the ecological System out of balance. Humanity had to make an effort but massive, especially when it comes to food, the scientists in the journal “The Lancet”. There are now published the results of their project.

“The diet of the world’s population needs to change drastically,” says Walter Willet of Harvard University, one of the two chairmen of the Commission. He criticizes especially that the positive development will always be held up again by the excessive consumption of calories, sugar and other unhealthy foods.

43 grams of meat per day

The scientists break down their claims to two core points. You require to halve the consumption of some foods such as beef and sugar. Healthy products such as fruits and vegetables should be consumed twice as much as in the past. A daily meal plan might look like, in your opinion, as follows:

Scientists are asking: “eat half”

The German society for nutrition recommends similar quantities, with the Numbers – especially meat – should ultimately only show that a Ham sandwich for Breakfast, three pork medallions in the lunch break and a Salami sandwich on the night of the Good ones are too much. Currently, the squashed every German per week, more than a kilogram of meat – twice as much as the researchers recommend. However, as the people should be converted? The Team led by Walter Willet, has developed five strategies.

Five strategies to improve the world

Schünemann: “humanity does not re-educate”

The formulated approaches are mostly not new. “The Team has shown the many aspects of the theme but well-bundled and easy,” says Franziska schuenemann from the Institute for world economy in Kiel. However, it doubts that the humanity is to re-educate a different diet. “Nutrition is a very, very emotional thing,” says the scientist.

“I have to go now, otherwise the disaster. You don’t realize that we are in Need”, sings Bendzko in his platinum Hit of the year 2011. How right he was.

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