Vanessa Lachey Responds to Tweet that Her Daughter Looks Like Jessica Simpson

Every woman wants to be told that her daughter resembles her husband’s ex-wife, am I right? Word on the street is a hard “no” but that didn’t stop a Twitter user from posting that Nick and Vanessa Lachey’s daughter Brooklyn resembles… Jessica Simpson. Um, awkward.

The Top Chef Junior host frequently posts photos of the Lachey family’s three adorable children and, like many parents, she shared a series of adorable pictures of the family celebrating the holidays over the past week. According to US Weekly, a fan named Kimberly posted this more than slightly tone-deaf tweet on New Year’s Eve: “Ok… elephant in the room… but why does Nick and Vanessa Lachey’s daughter look like Jessica Simpson?” (The post has since been deleted.)

Vanessa actually responded to the tweet, but instead of feeding into any sort of drama, she kept it kind and classy. “2019, new year, new outlook. Let’s be positive, especially with our children. Thanks Kimberly. Happy New Year,” she wrote.

Nick and Jessica Simpson were married from 2002 to 2006, but Nick and Vanessa have been together for over 10 years — and I think it’s safe to say Nick probably doesn’t want to hear that his daughter looks like his ex-wife, either. I mean, look at this adorable family.

In July, Nick told Entertainment Tonight that the couple escaped the seven-year itch. “We’ve always found a way to keep it interesting,” the actor-singer said. “We’ve been together 12 years, have a beautiful family and are very blessed, and there’s just never a dull moment around this house.”

Hopefully the Twitter user and everyone else will take Vanessa’s advice and leave kids out of any sort of unnecessary commentary, whether they’re the children of celebs or personal acquaintances.

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