Parents are allowed to use the sperm of her deceased son

Five children he wanted to have with you on a large Ranch life and career in the U.S. make military. But it was different for Peter Zhu. In February, the 21-Year-old skiing seriously injured, a few days later, Doctors established brain death. At the request of the parents, a urologist took the deceased’s sperm, before the devices were turned off. Yongmin and Monica Zhu saw it as the only Chance to fulfill the desire to have children of her son and to preserve his “incredible legacy”.

It was unclear, however, whether or not you are allowed to use the frozen sperm to make with artificial insemination, one or more grandchildren of the witnesses. Now a court in the US gave the state of New York permission to do so. “At the present time, the court will set no restrictions on the use of the sperm by Peter’s parents, the reproductive purposes includes,” quoted the “Washington Post” from the decision of the court.

Peter L. Zhu at the United States Military Academy

Who is to be the mother of the child is not known. Of a partner of Zhu’s speech was not before the court. It also has an egg donation and surrogacy could be eligible, however. Both is allowed, in several U.S. States.

“Peter’s death was a terrible, tragic and sudden nightmare that none of us could prepare for,” wrote the parents in a court application over their only son. “We wish desperately for a small piece of Peter lives on and the joy and happiness spread, he has brought to all of us.”

In Germany, the intervention would be prohibited

It wouldn’t be the first Time that a Deceased months or even years after his death the father. Even 20 years ago, it managed Doctors in Los Angeles, to fertilize a woman with the frozen sperm of her deceased husband.

To the surgery, many ethical questions are connected: it Is legitimate to bring a child into the Knowledge in the world, that his father is dead? May be the bereaved, make sure you act in the spirit of the deceased? How does a child see that his father was of the generation dead? And what are the expectations that the grandparents put in it cause?

In Germany it is prohibited by the embryo protection act to fertilize an egg cell with the sperm of a deceased. It is up to three years in prison. In 2017, the Munich higher regional court therefore rejected the lawsuit of a woman who wanted to be with the sperm of her deceased husband to fertilize. Even a donation as well as surrogacy are forbidden in this country.

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