Every Time Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra Clapped Back on Social Media

Using social media to their advantage! Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra aren’t afraid to take a stand against internet trolls and costars alike — and the Teen Mom OG stars have proved that time and time again!

One month after Us Weekly exclusively revealed that the MTV personalities welcomed their third baby girl together in February 2019, some of Baltierra’s followers left negative comments on a close-up shot of newborn Vaeda on Instagram.

“This isn’t his baby, this baby is clearly another race,” one Instagram user wrote. Another added that the father of three, 27, should “get a DNA test.”

“Sorry babe I cheated and Vaedas not urs #peoplearecrazy #comeon,” Lowell, also 27, commented on the baby pic.

Her husband added a comment of his own, writing, “Wow. I’m actually just appalled at the ridiculously asinine comments about my newborn. We live in a world that is so divided, judgmental, self-righteous and opinionated … and unfortunately it’s very evident with these comments. Respectful MATURITY is having a strong opinion and voicing it when necessary. Disrespectful IMMATURITY is having a strong opinion and voicing it when it is NOT NECESSARY. Your deity knows all of your thoughts … but evil can only hear what comes out of your mouth.Live with love and speak with peace or karma is not going to be your ally, I can guarantee that!”

The couple, who also share Novalee, 4, and placed Carly, 9, for adoption in 2009, have fought back on social media multiple times.

From slamming their Teen Mom costars to defending their relationship choices, take a look at the gallery below to see all of the times the middle school sweethearts took a stand on Twitter and Instagram.

Paternity Problems

Baltierra reposted his response about Vaeda’s paternity to his Instagram Story that same day, writing, “Where is all the love people?!”

Credit: MTV

Coming to His Own Defense

When a hater blamed Baltierra for Lowell’s mental health struggles in February 2018, the Tierra Reign founder wasn’t having it. “To state that I am the cause of her mental health struggles is … a very ignorant opinion. Her mental health struggles derive from the chaotic & unstable upbringing we both endured,” he wrote on Twitter at the time. “We are both actively working on those struggles.”

Credit: MTV

Staying Separate

“YES we are having a 30 day reflection time. NO we are not getting a divorce!” the Conquering Chaos author wrote on Instagram after Teen Mom fans speculated that she and her husband were headed for a split by choosing to live separately. “WE love each other and ALWAYS WILL!” 

She added: “Now GOODBYE and I’m done explaining myself!”

Credit: MTV

Speaking Her Truth

Because Lowell was bashed for heading to rehab for the third time to combat her anxiety and depression, the MTV personality clapped back at trolls in April 2018. “I wasn’t ‘running away’ from my problems, I was FIXING them!” the three-time mom explained. “Working HARD [and] getting on the right medication. I wouldn’t wish this crap on my worst enemy! But I guess I’ll have haters no matter what! Just glad I got myself better and if people are mad, then be mad I guess.”

Credit: MTV

Brutal Burn

Coming for his costar! When Farrah Abraham tweeted in December 2017, “Tyler’s gays [sic] still doesn’t admit it,” Baltierra slammed her on social media. “In order for her to really insult me, I would first need to value her opinion and the lion does not dwell on the opinions of sheep,” he wrote on Twitter at the time.

Credit: MTV; MEGA

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