Carly Waddell Shares How Best Friend Jade Roper Reacted to Her Pregnancy News

Surprise! Jade Roper had the best reaction to Carly Waddell’s pregnancy news.

“I called her and we had just done a podcast and we were together and I think I peed, like, four times a day,” the “Dream Train” singer, 33, told Us Weekly exclusively on Tuesday, May 14. “And I was like, ‘Why am I peeing so much since you’re not? And you’re the pregnant one.’ [Jade] was like, ‘I don’t know. I think the universe is telling you you’re pregnant.’ And I was like, ‘No way. I’m not pregnant.’”

The Bachelor alum added: “Then I called her and I was like, ‘Jade, I’m pregnant,’ and she was like, ‘No s–t.’”

Roper, 32, and Tanner Tolbert revealed in January they they are expecting their second child. Five months later, Waddell and her husband, Evan Bass, made an announcement of their own.

“Beer Belly, Bella Belly, BABY BELLY!!!” the reality star captioned their sweet Instagram reveal earlier this month. “We so SO EXCITED to FINALLY announce Bella’s little brother or sister will be here in November!!! (If you wonder why I haven’t been on social media as much…well, this is why!)”

The singer, who welcomed her 15-month-old daughter, Bella, with Bass, 36, in February 2018, told Us, “I was nauseous my entire pregnancy with Bella and I’m pretty nauseous again. So I say it’s not quite as bad as it was with Bella, but it’s still pretty dang bad.”

While the pregnant star told Us her daily goal is “trying to get anything in [her] stomach possible whenever” she can, the former ABC personality is gluten-free and can’t eat the bagels and cream cheese combos she craves.

That’s why her husband is helping her find the right foods. “We’ve already established, you know, what she can eat and what she can’t eat,” the Bachelorette alum told Us. “Every day is a different craving, of course. Honestly we’re ordering out a lot. There’s not a lot of cooking going on in the house.”

The Bachelor in Paradise couple have already tried explaining to their daughter that she is going to be a big sister, but Bella “didn’t really understand,” Waddell told Us.

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