You Can Buy a Giant Easter Egg Made of Straight Cheddar Cheese for Your Holiday Brunch

Everywhere you look, grocery stores and candy shops are stocking shelves with Easter-themed chocolates—from the classic Cadbury Creme to my personal favorite, Reese’s. Now, a U.K. supermarket chain has taken the seasonal trend one step further with the release of the “Cheesalicious Easter Egg.” Set to launch at Sainsbury’s for only ₤5—and reportedly containing 120 grams of cheddar—this may or may not be the greatest thing you’ve ever seen.

According to the store’s official cheese buyer, Emma Garvey, the product was an “obvious and exciting” addition to the brand’s spring selection. “We’re always looking for new and unique products to offer to our customers, especially during gifting periods throughout the year when people are on the lookout for something special to give their loved ones,” Garvey said, per the Independent. “The egg is truly delicious, and we can’t wait to see the response from our customers.” I have two questions: How does one ship a cheddar egg to America? And is Sainsbury hiring any more cheese buyers?

The Butlers Farmhouse product, which is sourced in Lancaster, includes both a packet of oatcakes and chutney. Although the novelty cheese will be available for both in-store and online purchase, Sainsbury’s unfortunately does not deliver outside the U.K.

Well look at that…the moment we’ve all been waiting for. Great seeing our Blacksticks Blue Cheester Egg hitting the shelves of @asda today, and @morrisons in the coming weeks! Thanks to all our hardworking team for making it happen, and to all our brilliant customers! Enjoy!

This isn’t the first we’ve seen of the concept either. Fellow British retailer ASDA groceries introduced a similar idea last year. However, the Blacksticks Cheester egg—which is advertised as a “taste of the un’EGG’spected”—is no longer available online. So we’re just glad someone stepped up. Thanks, Sainsbury’s!

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