Why You Need A Fitness Journal In Your Life This Year

If the idea of keeping a journal brings you back to your teen years, stop right there. Journals, specifically fitness journals, can actually be a super-useful tool when it comes to your workouts.

You can use them to track your gym sessions and progress, and one study even found that people who wrote down their goals (and shared them with a friend) were more likely to accomplish them than those who kept their goals to themselves.

There’s certainly no shortage of fitness journals to choose from: You can find short-term, goal-setting journals, or year-long fitness and wellness planners.

Check out 11 of the best fitness journals out there, including some trainer favorites, to make 2019 the year you conquer all.

Erin Condren


If you’re looking for a place to not only write down your fitness goals, but also your food plan for the week, your schedule, and important dates like birthdays and holidays, this planner has you covered. (FYI: Jennifer Lopez is a big fan of this brand.) You can also buy inserts specifically for grocery shopping or packing lists. 



$17.50 (34% off)


This 12-week planner is a great way to jumpstart your fitness goals for 2019. The way it works is, you set a specific goal to reach (gain five pounds of muscle, maintain four-a-week workouts, etc.) by the end of the 12 weeks, then track your progress along the way. 

It includes a designated section to track cardio versus strength training, along with a full food log. You even have the option to write down a reward you’ll treat yourself to if you hit your weekly goals.




Try this 12-month planner that includes both monthly and weekly layout pages, so you can track daily goals as well as long-term ones. “It’s cute, filled with lots of positive messages, space to write notes, goals, and appointments,” says Lindsey Clayton, instructor at Barry’s Bootcamp, co-founder of Brave Body Project in New York City, who loves this planner. “And it has a pocket for any important papers you may have.”




$26.95 (23% off)


Training for a competition, race, or just like keeping track of new PRs? This planner has detailed daily fitness logs that let you record your training type, and even the specific exercises in your routine. There are weekly check-ins for you to reflect on how you feel after the past week, and weekly planning pages to help you think about goals and dreams for the week ahead. 

Lorna Jane



If you love motivational statements, you’ll love this planner that offers one every week, like this: “Move with purpose, nourish your body and mind with substance, and believe not just that you can, but that you will. Set goals so big that people think you’re crazy…and then smash them!” 

Bonus: In the back of the book, you’ll find recipes to help fuel your goals.




This 12-month journal includes health and fitness logs, a hydration tracker, and a meal log. It also includes a weekly “commitment” checklist that includes things like “meal prep” to help you set yourself up for a successful week. You can buy stickers to make the planning more fun, too.

Katonah Yoga



Calling all yogis! This weekly planner wasn’t just made to help you plan ahead, but also reflect on your days throughout the year. “As a yoga teacher, I love this journal,” says Kristin McGee, celebrity yoga and Pilates instructor, yoga instructor for Peloton in New York City. “It stimulates my creative mind and really encourages me to not only set goals, but to be creative in my vision.”

Start Planner



This journal helps you decide what you need to prioritize for the week ahead, then set your fitness plans and schedule accordingly. It encourages you to break down goals into smaller, more achievable steps.

The planner also has checklists for the different months of the year to help you plan for big events ahead (like that marathon you’re eying for the fall). For those who like to diligently plan ahead—this one’s for you.





Begin each day with a prompt to help you be more mindful. “I feel I understand my emotions better and I love getting them out,” explains Alex Silver Fagan, Nike master trainer, and founding training for Mirror. “It’s therapeutic and sets me up for a positive day because I’m not holding onto anything.” This journal poses questions and gives statements that will allow you to explore your thoughts and dreams. Think of it almost as a daily meditation that will put you in a great space to help crush your goals.




If you like tons of motivation along your fitness journey, buy this planner to stay on track. There are pages to log daily workouts and nutrition, as well as a goal planner for bigger things you want to tackle. 

This fitness journal also contains nutrition and fitness tips with explanations, and shopping lists so you can be sure to stock up on good-for-you foods. It’s undated, so start immediately this year, and fill it in as you go.




If want to track your fitness regimen but add a little more mindfulness, gratitude, and reflection into your life, check out this 16-week journal. Similar to the 12-week planner, this one helps you set a specific, shorter-term goal to focus on. Whether that’s related to physical or mental health, this fitness journal will help you take the steps to get there.

In addition to daily fitness, nutrition, and wellness tips, there’s a space for you to think about what you’re thankful for. “For me, it helps me keep gratitude at the top of mind all day,” explains Erin Bailey, trainer at Everybody Fights and Burn Fitness in Boston, MA, and fan of gratitude journaling. “It helps me be more giving in the little moments, and those little moments add up to a really wonderful life.”

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