Vagina sheet masks SURGE in popularity – but are they safe?

Vaginal sheet masks are the latest fad to sweep the beauty industry.

Apparently, the products work to brighten and smooth the intimate area – but are they actually good for you?

Daily Star Online asked a medical expert to weigh in on the barmy craze.

In a bid to get a smooth and razor bump-free crotch, ladies are pampering their intimate areas with sheet masks.

But Shamir Patel, registered pharmacist and founder of Chemist 4 U, warns Brits to think before trying the beauty fad.

She said: ”Though these so-called ‘vaginal sheet masks’ may be effective for combatting post-shaving irritation, you should be cautious about using any products around that sensitive area of your body.

“Anything used on the vulva should be PH balanced, and even when it is you should only really be using products if necessary really.

“This is because the vagina (the inside part) cleans itself with natural secretion.

“As a rule, you should avoid perfumed soaps, gels and antiseptics as these can affect the healthy balance of bacteria and pH levels in the vagina and cause irritation.” 

The medical expert added that the perfumed products could cause infections and allergic reactions.

She explained: “Using a sheet mask may increase the risk of yeast infections as a result of the moisture that comes out of them.

“Because the vulva is so sensitive, it can be prone to irritation and even allergic reactions.”

If these warnings aren’t enough to deter you from vaginal masks, you should take precautions.

Pharmacist Shamir added: “If you did want to try out a vaginal sheet mask, it’s well worth doing a small patch test first.

“However, as with anything applied to that sensitive area you should always approach with caution and only really use products that you think your body really needs.

“For example, if you suffer from post-shaving irritation then these sheet masks could be a good way of combatting that and soothing the skin.”

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