These are the consequences, if you drink in the morning, a glass of water

You are one of the people who drink First thing and before Breakfast have a Cup of coffee or tea? Then you should rethink this Tradition now, and instead, with a glass of water on an empty stomach to start the day. Why? A glass of water can, in fact, more than one might initially think – as “girlfriend” or “Feminet”. The positive results can be summarised as follows. (Read also: So many cups of coffee you should drink in a day)

Water in the Morning stimulates the detoxification

As the body breaks down in the night toxins, it helps to have a morning glass of water, and quickly withdraw. So the effect of the water on an empty stomach quasi-anti-toxic. After a few days you should feel so fresh.

Helps weight loss

A morning glass of water can boost your metabolism significantly. This not only helps with weight loss, but improves digestion and also helps during the day to more energy. Even nasty hunger pangs can be prevented.

Relieves Stomach Complaints

You are more likely to have heartburn or stomach problems? Even with these problems, water promises to be in the Morning remedy. It is reported that a glass of water, calmed down immediately after getting Up in the stomach and excessive stomach acid is diluted. In the case of heartburn stomach acid gets into the esophagus, irritating it and causing in the worst case, even esophageal cancer.

Improves skin and hair

You look older than you are? This could be due to too little humidity, which results in wrinkles. The skin needs not only a moisturizer, but also from the inside with sufficient refreshment. Who is drinking First thing in the morning water, provides skin with new elasticity. It showed that even brittle hair alone is enough intake of water healthier again. (Also interesting: you Can drink alcohol without being thick?)

Stronger Immune System

And the immune system also benefits from this water cure. Even urinary tract infections or colds are a thing of the past, or at least less difficult.

In General, the following applies: over the Rest of the day distributed should always be enough drinking water. But in the morning the glass is, as you can see, a very good place to start.

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