These Are the Best Sex Positions to Reduce Stress

Let’s be real: Most days, we live an unforgivably stressful existence. Between work, family and everything else that crops up to make your head spin and keep you scrolling through your phone or running out to Target, any and all precious free time should be spent trying to take the edge off. When it comes to your sex life — scheduled, sparse or carefully choreographed around sleeping children as it might be — you may want to focus on low-key positions and moves that maximize pleasure and remove the pressure. Because, duh.

To help you pursue your best chill, TLC-filled sexual life, we’ve compiled a few of our favorite positions that make sex a relaxing, stress-free experience:


In this house, we love to spoon! There’s few positions more intimate and low-key, for one thing, and it just fuels the warm and fuzzies between partners. Lay on your sides and have the penetrating partner enter from behind — meanwhile hands are free to hold a toy or explore other erogenous zones on the body. You can also control the depth of penetration without much fuss depending on how you bend your legs.


Not nearly as bendy as it sounds, the lotus is a super cuddly and chill way to embrace your partner. Have the penetrating partner sit pretzel-style and climb aboard with your legs wrapped around them. It’s relaxing and easy to enjoy the thrusts from this position while also sharing sweet words, kisses or looks as you go.

Coital alignment

Another elevated cousin of missionary, coital alignment encourages you to keep your pelvis a bit below your penetrative partner and bend your knees so they’re up by your arms. This one guarantees a good amount of action for the clitoris — which is something we can always get behind.

The Plow

If you’re a yogi, you might be familiar with the really calming sensation of a Happy Baby pose. The plow isn’t exactly like that, but has a relaxing elevated missionary vibe that lets you lay back and enjoy all the penetrating partner has to give. Depending on how flexible you are, you can raise your legs to rest on your partner’s shoulders, hooking your knees or not depending on how comfy it is for you. From there, you just let them thrust away and enjoy the deep penetration.

Flat doggy-style

Modify your standard dirty doggy moves by sprawling out a bit more. Position as you would for regular doggy and then simply lower yourselves down on to the bed so the penetrating partner is draped over you and you’re comfy and cozy against the mattress (or whatever surface you’re working with). Plus, by not having to stay up on all fours, everyone’s hands are free to do some roaming or to mix things up with toys.

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