There's a Controversial New Coke Soda on the Market Thanks to 'Stranger Things' Season Three

Ever heard of New Coke? Okay same, but consider yourself lucky because it was apparently one of the worst things to happen to the beverage industry in 1985. But! Thanks (?) to Coca-Cola and Netflix, it’s back on the market so a new generation can feel what life was like back when gas cost $1.12 a gallon.

As you already know, Stranger Things is finally coming back for a third season, and it’ll be set in the summer of ’85. Lots of crazy stuff is sure to go down, but one of the craziest of all is how Coke is using some product placement to bring back their controversial New Coke soda. In the ’80s, Coke debuted a new, sweeter version of it’s classic soda, but everyone fully hated it. Some even dubbed it a “taste tragedy.”

So why even do it when clearly nobody asked for this? Well, Coke fancies it a “cultural innovation” and wants to pull a Kim Kardashian and “break the internet.”

While this might have seemed like a good way to poke fun at the travesty that was New Coke and drum up some publicity, loyal Coke fans are *still* not having it after all these years. They’ve taken to Twitter to call it a “public failure” and have resorted to using SpongeBob memes to convey their distaste.

No one:@CocaCola: makes New Coke

Coke drinkers:

*Coke executives shake their fists at the sky and wonder if there will ever be a generation that isn’t completely repulsed by New Coke.*

If you’re intrigued, though, Coke will make 50,000 cans of the stuff, which will be sold in “upside-down” vending machines in select cities and on the internet. You can also score a can if you head to the Coca-Cola museum in Atlanta.

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