The court of auditors decomposed Spahn-Plan for the Digital patient record – debt-to-have but other

The Federal court of auditors questioned a newspaper report that the success of the plans of the Federal Minister of health, Jens Spahn (CDU) for the introduction of the electronic patient file. Spahn announced that, at the latest, in two years, every Insured person is legally able to read his patient’s file in a digital format on the phone.

The Federal court of auditors warns, according to "Bild"-Newspaper (Friday) in front of new delays and cost increases.

Because still Lobby to have Power associations in the digitization of the health care system too much, they could block each other. The "Controlling" by the Ministry was not sufficient. The clear from a report by the court of auditors, submitted to the newspaper.

Whether Spahn reach the patient’s file of his goals, "remains currently offen", write to the authority. Finally, it was previously not proven that the introduction of the electronic health card "to übertragen&quot the top organizations;. The nationwide rollout is planned starting in 1996, for the year 2006 and until today has not been achieved. The cost would be more than 600 million euros without "concrete Mehrwert" for the patient.

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