The 5 Best Workouts For Your Stress Type

After a rough day at work, your first inclination might be to go fight it out in a boxing class. Or, maybe your go-to is yoga or running. Using exercise to destress obviously has way more physical and mental health perks than a Netflix binge.

“It is proven that exercise can reduce stress levels, anxiety and depression,” says Brooke Taylor, New York City-based Master Trainer and owner of Taylored Fitness NY LTD. “Movement and physical activity activates your endorphin hormones, which are also known as your ‘happy’ hormone. It is the body’s natural mood elevator. Nine out of ten times, when a client comes into the gym and they are stressed out, they leave calm and happy with a little pep in their step because they are doing something healthy for themselves and their body. It’s that runner’s high.”

Breaking a sweat any way you please is sure to be an anxiety-buster. But, the type of exercise you do can make a difference, depending on which kind of worry you’re working out for. In honor of Stress Awareness Month, these are the best types of workouts to combat each type of stress.

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