Tattoo Inks Recalled by FDA Due to Bacterial Contamination

Certain types of tattoo inks have been recalled after the Food and Drug Administration found they were contaminated with “harmful” bacteria. 

The FDA warned on Wednesday that it has found six tattoo inks that are believed to be contaminated. The inks are manufactured by Scalp Aesthetics, Dynamic Color and Color Art.

These contaminated inks can “cause infections and lead to serious health injuries” if injected into the skin, the FDA warned, adding that “there is an increased risk of infection any time the skin barrier is broken.”

The infected products are: Dynamic Color’s black ink, Color Art’s Diablo (red) ink, and Scalpaink SC, Scalpaink PA and Scalpaink AL inks from Scalp Aesthetics.

The FDA found out about the contaminated inks through inspections and routine surveys, and added that they are working “with manufacturers and retailers” to remove the products from the market.

Thinking about getting a new tattoo soon? The FDA advises that all customers ask the tattoo artist or studio about the inks they use, and avoid using any of the recalled products.

The FDA also recommends that anyone who believes they have been infected by a contaminated ink contact a healthcare professional and inform their tattoo artist.

Symptoms of an infection may include “the appearance of rashes or lesions consisting of red papules in areas where the contaminated ink has been applied,” the FDA wrote. “Some tattoo infections can result in permanent scarring.”

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