Sleepwalking: If you cook four Times a week in my sleep

I can do it in your sleep – for some people this is true actually. Whether it’s cleaning, cooking or even driving a car: What is the Concerned at night are doing is amazing. And sometimes quite dangerous for others.

While others sleep soundly, they often form, even if involuntarily: sleepwalkers. You may be walking, driving, eating, cleaning, cooking, and some of the violence even operate without being aware of it. About four percent of all adults are, according to an estimate by scientists in this way, active, in children at the age of 10 years, there are even more than 13 percent. A dangerous phenomenon. "The proverbial sleep of security, there is nicht", Alfred Wiater of the German society for sleep research and sleep medicine (DGSM) warns with seat in the Hessian Schwalmstadt-Treysa. No wonder that so many in the deep sleep for headlines.

"Sleep walking Tourist triggers police aus", it was about at the 18. January at the German press Agency. A newspaper austrägerin had in the morning discovered to 3.00 PM in Oberstdorf in the Allgäu region, a completely-frozen Irishman who had locks at the time of his involuntary trip from his vacation property out. And a woman in Bremen took place in July in the morning a Stranger in your house, barefoot and in boxer shorts. A young man was running to her, said the 79-Year-old to the police. How he had come into the house? No Idea. The 25-Year-old could only remember that he had seen with his father a Film. Harmless in comparison to the experience of the British adventurer David Hempleman-Adams. In the early summer of 2000, he traveled to the North pole, when he wanted to get out in the sleep from the basket of a free balloon, 1300 meters over the Arctic. His luck: He was with a safety belt buckled.

Sleepwalkers are especially waking up hard

The typical time for the sleep phase of sleep, so about 1 to 1.5 hours after falling Asleep is to walk according to the opinion of experts of the Transition from the first deep sleep in the first Dream. In the brain, components of the awake mingled to the deep sleep, without that the person will fully Wake up, it is, in the DGSM. Stress and sleep disturbances may be the causes, sometimes the tendency is inherited. "It is interesting to note that this Person is sleeping much deeper than they would otherwise be in the deep sleep sleep würde", the psychologist Mitja Seibold explains. Therefore, it is also particularly severe, a sleep-walking Person to Wake up.

If sleepwalkers are murderers

Sensational the case of a canadian was. In 1987, the then 23, had stabbed-Year-old mother-in-law and her husband with a knife hurt. "He was, however, spoke in court from the accusation of murder-free, as a Sleep doctor could prove that he somnambulism litt", Seibold says. On it twelve years, hoped later also a defendant in Phoenix in the U.S. state of Arizona. He confessed, his wife injured stitches with 44 knives and to have you in the Pool drowned, in deep sleep. The then-43-Year-old was convicted of murder, he had spoken but a few weeks before the fact, with witnesses, of all things, about the case of the sleep-changing canadian.

Sensitivity to pain is low – risk of self-injury

Also Kilian from the vicinity of Munich is one of the Sleepwalkers. This happens not regularly, but from time to time, to the 14-Year-old. Once he was in a full-moon night in the garden. His parents were by the Rattling of the door guard, and brought the then four-year-old back into the house and locked henceforth everything. However, not all children, these trips run so smoothly. In June 2017, for example, a then two year old was hatched in the Ostallgäuer the climatic health resort of Nesselwang by the front door and marched off. Soon thereafter, he was miserable, screaming on the dark road: "Mama". When the child was reunited with his mother, was clear: The Kid was over 300 meters away.

"In children and adolescents, sleep is walking in the rule as a temporary Entwicklungsphänomen", the Sleep doctor Wiater calmed down. "The fact that during the sleep shifting the sensitivity to pain is reduced and can lead to self-injury should." Be tip: secure the perimeter, "especially in a foreign Umgebung". And sleepwalkers don’t Wake up, because some react aggressively. Instead, one should lead a soothing effect on the Affected and rinse it back into the bed. Psychological help is only consider in very severe cases.

Scot cooked four to five Times per week in the sleep

Also Kilian is in this respect quiet. All over it is not, convert it with the sleep with him, but still he finds himself in the morning but sometimes in unusual places, such as on the floor in front of the window or under the Desk. "I notice that I Wake up somewhere else when I’m asleep and then I was wondering for quite a bisschen", he says. His assessment, he notes with a sense of Humor, as well as the fact that he laughs in his sleep and talking.

Some operate the sleepwalking, however, is obsessive, so how Robert Wood from Scotland. How many fellow sufferers did, he, too, everyday things. For the cook was In a deep sleep on the stove, four to five Times a week, as the British newspaper "The Guardian" In 2006, reported. His wife watched him: He already had omelettes fried Spaghetti is cooked and the deep-fryer fired up. The food look excellent, is quoted by the wife. Try not want to the somnambulistic dishes prepared nevertheless, to make sure.

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