Seriously Magical Sex Toys for the Crystal-Loving Witchy Types

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When your sex life is good (like dope orgasms with someone you care about, post-game boneless glow, write to the groupchat about it good), you might start to think it’s pretty darn magical.

Yes, we’re talking about the magical and mystical parts of sex — and how to manifest the best orgasms and outcomes using the power of intimacy. You don’t need to be a witch to benefit from the mind, body and spiritual benefits of a witchy sex life. (And, hey, it’s a full moon in spooky, sacred October — do why not explore a little?)

That’s where these witchy sex toys come in. If you’ve been known to haunt your local crystal shop, flip a tarot card or two or collect herbs to commune with nature, these sex toys will speak to you. Whether you’re partnered or single, these playthings have a place for every encounter. Body-safe, nature-friendly and often beautiful to look at, these toys will turn your pleasure chest into an altar of arousal. Learn to give your sex life some careful attention, consideration and to take joy in the ritual. We’re so used to working toward the finish line, we can forget to enjoy the journey. It’s time for a little more respect for our senses. We’re seeking an energetic alignment. Invigorate all our senses. A conversation with the divine.

We’re bringing the yogic breath to the bedroom. Cast a sex spell, sip a love potion and om into the night with these sex toys.

A version of this story was published October 2017.


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