Professor of global health: What is necessary in order to protect the population from Corona

First China, now Germany and Italy: The Coronavirus spreads in Europe. Timo Ulrichs, Professor of global health, says, what are the measures of Europe, and what each country needs to make for themselves, in order to protect the population.

More than three dozen countries around the world report corona cases, such as a real-time map of the Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, USA, shows. Often there are individual cases, in some countries, the Virus has already infected hundreds or thousands. In China, more than 80,000 cases have been confirmed in South Korea more than 1200, in Italy the number of people Affected does not exceed 300.

The initially China limited epidemic has already expanded to a pandemic, for Timo Ulrichs clear.

Quarantine measures, such as in Italy, also in Germany possible

"A pandemic is when there are two or more continents are affected. And if the pathogen was there dragging only, but may spread. These criteria are already erfüllt", the Professor for global health of the Akkon University for human Sciences in Berlin, explains.

The WHO does not speak officially a pandemic, but to call already the global health state of emergency. "That is, all States are called upon to take the right measures and also the most affected States to unterstützen", the expert explains.

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In Germany, where Italy is now, new cases have been introduced have been, was a stringent containment at this time is important. "In the early phase of the spread of a strict implementation of Isolation and quarantine measures is useful. To avoid the further spread can be slowed down, at least, what time periods for further counter-measures eröffnet", Ulrich says. Quarantine measures, as in Italy would also be possible in Germany. The infection protection law States.

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Corona-the cases of suspected systematic testing?

Ideally, could curb an outbreak and higher Infection rates can be prevented. "In the case of only one or a few affected Region, something not possible if there is the same time many outbreaks, unfortunately."

As the sense of Ulrich considers it, moreover, that the EU States vote on measures such as a common approach to the limits. Border closures, however, are in the EU is not helpful.

In addition, all EU member States should test the according to experts, consider, Corona-suspected cases consistent to "so overall we stay informed about the epidemiological Figures." Local insulation measures could be promptly decided.

Hoarding are unfounded

Germany according to the WHO, to countries that are well prepared for a pandemic. "Our health facilities are well equipped, and pandemic planning are available. Even those scenarios were in cross-country disaster exercises geübt", the Professor for global health explains. 

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Excessive great concern not only according to the expert, therefore: "There is no reason for panic-like reactions such as, for example, hamster purchases. All of the reactions may increase in cases in Germany is done on a good structural basis and the experience of the influenza pandemic 2009.& quot;

How can you protect yourself?

Be attentive and protect themselves, everyone should be still. The protection against the novel Coronavirus is similar to the against the flu. Although there is currently no vaccine, however, it can already help a simple measures, such as

  • to wash aware several times a day, the hands (20 seconds long)
  • To disinfect hands when water and soap are just palpable
  • not to touch with unwashed hands to the face
  • a distance of one Meter to his To keep
  • Shaking hands and hugs avoid
  • other protective habits develop, such as Pressing Elevator buttons with knuckle instead of fingertips

Other non-infect, you should note the cough and Niesetikette and when coughing or Sneezing, to avert, if possible, in the bend of the elbow sneeze or wash your hands.

Generally speaking, anyone Who feels unwell should stay at home, and in the event of persistent complaints or the suspicion of an infection, consult a doctor. Also: Who is not yet vaccinated against the flu should take the current spread of the Coronavirus to the occasion to do so. Because the sick, to relieve the houses should also occur in Germany increased corona cases.

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