Possible health hazard: lemon juice concentrate is called back

Recall: Increased sulfite content in lemon juice concentrate found

The Gunz warenhandels GmbH from Austria were Citrilemon lemon juice concentrate calls back. In a Batch of product that was sold in Germany, has been found to have a higher sulfite content. The consumption of sulfite-containing foods can cause in some people to severe intolerance reactions.

Increased sulfite content of which is not declared on the label

The Gunz warenhandels GmbH from Austria has started a recall for the article Citrilemon lemon juice concentrate 200ml (EAN: 9002859018800) brand Piacelli the date of minimum durability 14.07.2020. “In the case of the above-mentioned product, an increased sulfite was found to be-content, which is not declared on the label,” writes the company in a notice published on the Portal “lebensmittelwarnung.de” the German länder and of the Federal office for consumer protection.

At the time of return of the purchase price will be refunded

The callback for the lemon juice concentrate is for the entire Federal territory.

As the company explained, was taken “all the necessary measures to avoid such an incident for the future.”

Buyers will be asked, the affected product to the place of return. The purchase price will be refunded.

Health Complaints

Sulphites are the salts and esters of Sulfurous acid, H2SO3. They are approved for use in many foods as additives and are used as a preservative and as an anti-oxidant.

As the Bavarian state office for health and food safety (LGL) writes on his website, sulfite salts in food of the most people tolerate it well, there’s a body’s own enzyme (sulfite oxidase) facilitates rapid Oxidation to harmless sulfate.

For some people, the consumption of sulfite-containing foods, however, severe incompatibility reactions such as asthmatic reactions.

“This intolerance in particular, a part of the Asthma patients are affected,” reports the LGL.

“Furthermore, it may occur in people with a deficit in the Enzymes sulfite oxidase to health complaints,” according to the experts.

The symptoms of intolerance reactions to sulfite salts resemble those of allergic reactions. (ad)

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