Pharmacies with excellent commitment

The winners of the German pharmacies Awards (DAA). In a ceremony held at 56. Economic forum of the German pharmacists Association (DAV) in Berlin, the prize-winner, coming this year from the state of Hessen and North Rhine-Westphalia, have been awarded.

In the category of "Pharmacy and Patient" the winner from Frankfurt am Main (Hessen). In the project "Palliative Team" the South-chemist, pharmacist, Doctors and nurses together, the pharmaceutical and medical care of patients in their last phase of life. The first place in the category "Modern Apotheke" has reached the Maxmo-pharmacy-Düren (North Rhine-Westphalia). The project "#diedigitaleapotheke" will not only expand the Digital literacy of the pharmacy team, but also a health platform for customers and patients operated.

"The German pharmacy Award has received 43 applications from projects with a high quality level and with a wide variety of topics. I thank all the Applicants, and Bewerbern", DAV-patient officer, Berend Groeneveld: &quot says;The pharmacies to show their projects, how patient-oriented and innovation-friendly, they can also act outside of the power supply everyday life. The Jury found the selection very hard, and I congratulate the winners all the more heartfelt. It would be nice if the award-winning local projects would stimulate the nationwide imitation. Pharmacies are the first point of contact on-site are, in fact, for many people, for health issues. This will remain the case in the age of digitization and E-Health."

The German pharmacy Award honors projects, programs, or model projects, where the pharmacy offers to its patients and customers added value, whether through its social commitment, the cooperation with self-help groups or in the areas of prevention and self-medication. He was in the year 2019, for the third Time after 2015 and 2017 awarded and 2,500 euros for the First, € 1,000 for Second and 500 Euro for the third placed in two categories endowed.


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