Nitrogen oxide calculator gives you information about pollution in the environment

How much of the emissions of exhaust gases in the transport need to decrease in my area, so that the statutory air contaminant limits under the steps? In the debate on the limits of people in Germany with an Online can inform the computer of the research center Jülich.

User can also check the nitrogen oxide pollution in recent years has developed, informed the research centre on Tuesday. The computer – accessible here – to ensure, therefore, clearly for each measurement station in Germany, for clarity. It is the official readings for nitrogen dioxide in the last ten years the environment will be evaluated office.

  • Nitrogen Oxide Calculator

"With the Tool you can read easily, such as the annual means have changed over time and whether the previous reduction measures successfully waren", Martin Schultz, who helped develop the Tool said.

The Federal environment Agency on the offers, meanwhile, is on his Homepage a similar service: On maps, interested citizens can make the pollutant value in the whole of Germany show. There are several values: particulate matter, sulphur dioxide, ozone, nitrogen dioxide and carbon monoxide.

Germany debated about driving bans

In the public debate, almost only the measured nitrogen dioxide would be called values, said Franz Rohrer Forschungszentrum Jülich. As a result, misconceptions arise about how strong you would have to reduce emissions in the transport. "If 50 instead of the allowed 40 milligrams per cubic meter to be measured, then this means that emissions need to go back to 20 percent. In fact, it is more like 40 percent."

Nitrogen oxides originate in cities, according to the researchers, mainly from Diesel vehicles. In Germany, a debate on the air pollutant limit values, which can lead to forbidden to drive.

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