News Anchor Asks Viewers to ‘Chill’ After They Body Shame Her Pregnancy Weight Gain

Erica Simon is a busy news anchor with a baby on the way — so she’s asking her viewers to “chill” with the body shaming comments about her pregnancy weight gain.

The weekend anchor at ABC13 in Houston wrote on Twitter that the comments were getting to her.

“Some of the viewer comments about my pregnancy are starting to get annoying,” she wrote in December. “Yes, I’m aware I’m petite so the sudden packing on of pounds is a startling sight. No, I’m not having twins and no I’m not due any day. I’ll update you as I go, but chill.”

After her post, Simon got tons of supportive comments from fans, viewers and several reporters from other news stations.

Lina de Florias, from competing station Fox26 in Houston sent Simon words of support.

“Come on, Erica. It’s not like you’re creating a life here..oh wait, THAT IS WHAT YOU’RE DOING!” de Florias tweeted. “Sorry, sister. You’re amazing and your little one is lucky to have you! (Even though you’re the first woman to physically change during pregnancy)”

Jasmine Styles, from an ABC affiliate in Tampa Bay, added, “I actually thought for being this far along you can’t really tell in your face! Pregnancy looks good on you!”

And Talitha Vickers from WXII 12 in Winston-Salem, N.C., commiserated with Simon about the pregnancy shaming.

You got this! You keep living your best life and don’t go back and forth with these viewers,” Vickers wrote. “Trust me I know…I was pregnant anchoring WITH twins and maaaan they came for me too.”

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After other news outlets wrote about Simon’s story, she tweeted again on Thursday that she wasn’t too upset about the comments, but she spoke out because she wants to enjoy her pregnancy.

“I was never up tossing/turning or crying about viewer comments. Comes w/ the territory,” she said. “First time mommy-hood is supposed to be special and celebrated, tho, which is why I got flustered. Felt like I wasn’t given the sacred space to experience it organically.”

And Simon added that she’s learned a few things from this experience — “A child is a blessing from God. No need to ever feel shame! Ignore tactless people. My support outweighs the knuckleheads.”

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