My day on a plate: Laura Byrne

TV personality and jewellery designer, Laura Byrne, 32 shares her day on a plate.

Laura Byrne.

8am I start the day with a soy cappuccino and two glasses of water.

9.30am I put two pieces of bread into the toaster but because I'm so hungry by the time I start making breakfast, I stand in front of the fridge while the toast cooks and eat hummus out of the jar with crackers.

1pm Three Roses chocolates which have been left on my desk. Disappointed none is a Turkish Delight.

2pm Lunch today is chickpea and lentil soup.

2.20pm Deliberate on whether to have a banana or an orange. Eat both.

6pm Eat last night's soy chicken, reheated to within an inch of its life – responsible pregnant lady here!

7pm Chicken salad with Moroccan spices.

Dr Joanna McMillan says …

Top marks for …

Your fabulous lunch. Legumes are pretty special plant foods, providing protein, fermentable fibres that promote a healthy microbiome and provide a wealth of nutrients. They are also low-GI, and during pregnancy a low-GI diet has been shown to help both mums and bubs have healthy weight outcomes.

If you keep eating like this you'll … Nourish yourself and your baby nicely, but you need to pay attention to nutrients you require more of during pregnancy, including the long chain omega-3 fats, iron and zinc. Plant sources of these minerals are not well absorbed – more animal foods, provided you are happy to do so, can help.

Why don't you try … Adding two eggs to breakfast. This would boost nutrients, but also help to control your morning hunger. Three times a week, include oily fish to boost omega-3 fats and lean red meat for iron. Ensure bread and cracker choices are wholegrain to keep up fibre levels and prevent constipation, common in pregnancy.

Laura Byrne is the designer of ToniMay jewellery.

This article appears in Sunday Life magazine within the Sun-Herald and the Sunday Age on sale March 24.

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