Mum flaunts incredible post-baby abs after almost shedding 4st without stepping in a gym

Tess Papaioannou claims she was struggling with baby weight after she gave birth to Reeva in 2016.

At her heaviest, the retailer worker, from Australia, tipped the scales at 11st 6lbs and wore clothing size 12-14.

The 27-year-old was determined to get on top of her weight and managed to shed more than 3st without stepping in a gym.

She banished her tummy to get a toned physique with washboard abs in the comfort of her own home.

“I was able to do it all in my lounge room at a time that suited me”

Tess Papaioannou

Tess told Daily Mail Australia: “I was a new mum, home all day, and I was able to do it all in my lounge room at a time that suited me.

“I felt so uncomfortable when I was pregnant. I was no an ‘all belly’, ‘glowing’ pregnant woman, I gained weight everywhere and hated it.”

Tess, who shared her transformation to her 5k followers on Instagram, said her first pregnant with her daughter Reeva in 2016 led to weight gain.

She signed up to 28 by Sam Wood – an Australian weight loss program designed to encourage people to exercise 28 minutes a day.

It included a variety of exercises and full-body workouts that required minimal equipment.

Then within seven months of the program, she dropped 2st 8lbs after her first child in 2016.

After giving birth to her second daughter Aria in April 2018, she lost 2st 2lbs.

Tess, who now weighs 8st 1lb, said there’s no excuses for mothers “struggling” to find time to lose weight after giving birth.

She concluded: “Everyone can find 28 minutes in their day.

“Whether it’s while the babies are sleeping, playing or eating. I always make sure my girls are fed and happy to play or sleeping and I get my workout done – not always without interruptions but it’s still done.”

For more information on the weight loss program, visit 28 by Sam Wood.

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