Menopause expert says there are 62 symptoms to look out for

We all know the common signs of menopause, such as hot flushes and sleep difficulties.

But there are plenty more, say experts – some of which can be pretty unexpected.

Menopause specialist Dr Naomi Potter says other ailments such as tinnitus, urinary infections, change in body odour, weak bones and restless legs can all be associated with this life-changing stage.

Other signs can be increased allergies, heart palpitations and changes in oral health. 

It’s no wonder this period is rife with low mood and poor wellbeing, given all the difficult bodily changes that can occur.

Hygiene and health company Essity polled 5,000 women pre-menopause, in peri, or post menopause, and found that even those at the end of the menopause were ‘relatively clueless’ about what they have been through. 

The menopause occurs 12 months after a woman’s last period, but there’s also the perimenopause and post-stage to consider, too.

Naomi said: ‘I hear of so many myths from women who are unsure about what their body will or is going through – many of whom are in total denial.

‘Women believe they can’t experience symptoms in their forties because they’re not old enough, or their symptoms aren’t menopausal – when in fact if they’re over 45, it’s likely they are. 

‘And women are just as baffled about help available from medical professionals, believing they can’t be treated if they’re overweight, old, have migraines, have liver disease, high blood pressure and so on. 

‘The reason why it is so hard to pinpoint the number of symptoms is also because not all are associated with peri or menopause – people do obviously suffer with other ailments which are totally unrelated.’

Of those polled, just 40% visited a GP to get help for their symptoms. 

More than half said they were being constantly surprised at what they were experiencing. 

Just 1% of women were aware of more unusual symptoms – like urinary frequency or vaginal changes – but these can be part of the experience, too.

These are the things to look out for.

62 signs of the menopause:

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