Mario Lopez Talked to Us About a 'Saved by the Bell' Reboot

We recently chatted with Lopez and he let us know all about how his family spends the holidays, and yes — we even talked about a Saved by the Bell reboot.

SheKnows: We are kind of obsessed with all the adorable videos you post of your kids on Instagram, and my personal favorite is the recent one you posted of them both sitting at the piano singing “Santa Claus Is Coming to Town.” How are you guys getting ready for the holidays in your house?

SK: Do you guys participate in Elf on the Shelf?

SK: What’s your most creative or favorite Elf on the Shelf position?

SK: What are some of your favorite holiday traditions that you and your family do each year?

SK: Ah, so everybody is coming over to your house soon then?

SK: Oh, no!

SK: Big family trip! Glad you’re all going to be able to go. What are some of your favorite things to cook during the winter months?

SK: Totally. So speaking of your partnership with Undeniably Dairy, they recently released a survey that found 7 out of 10 Americans think it’s important to get to know the farmers who make the food they eat. Do you practice this farm-to-table-style eating at home with your kids?

SK: Do you have a favorite holiday cocktail?

SK: Nice. Sounds like a good time. What would you say is your signature dish?

SK: Mmm, sounds like the perfect comfort food.

SK: There were a lot of food trends in 2018 — the keto diet, rainbow foods, charcoal foods, kombucha. What 2018 food trends do you think Slater would have been into?

SK: Your former costar, Tiffani Thiessen, recently released a new cookbook, Pull Up a Chair. Have you tried any of her recipes?

SK: I have to ask because we are such huge Saved by the Bell fans here at SheKnows: Is there any truth to the rumors that a SBTB reboot is in the works?

SK: Is it something you would want to be a part of?

SK: Well we are certainly hoping that happens.

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