Maria von Welser gets Tumor diagnosis: ‘ve decided that, for me, only good

The diagnosis hits, a native of Munich, Maria von Welser (72) in the midst of your orderly, active life: But the “Mona Lisa”-founder, journalist and presenter fights – that she describes is also impressive in her new book, “I’ve decided that I’m only living with the Tumor” (Ludwig Verlag, 20 euros). In AZ, she talks about how she’s doing.

AZ: lady of Welser, how hard is it, the so-optimistic title of your book, “I’ve decided that I’m only good” into action?

Maria von Welser: As I wrote the book and also the idea for the title was, I did not suspect, unfortunately, that my brain tumour re-grows dramatically fast. Before the diagnosis came in may of 2018, I hoped, that everything is over and done with.

How do you manage not going crazy?

I wasn’t fortunately to turn. That was the case earlier. If a Teleprompter was, failed, or in the war zone around me shot – I stay in such situations calmly.

Maria von Welser: “A call means nothing Good”

And strong. They are also weak?

Private stories shake me. When it comes to my husband or our sons and grandsons, because I’m Worried about. Myself, not so much. I can’t change it anyway and try to see everything positive.

How and when will I know if the radiation therapy was successful and the Tumor is gone?

At The End Of May. If a letter comes, saying: “We wish you all the best”, I know: luck. If I’m called, I know it means nothing Good.

In the time of uncertainty: What helps you best?

To make the Best of it and as normal as possible to live. Distraction, work, my family – feels good to me. After Easter, we’re going to Ibiza, I like to play Golf and I like to be a lecturer at the University of Paderborn. The work on the book a delight to me. I want to make people with a similar fate courage not to give up.

Maria von Welser: “I felt completely different,”

As they heard for the first time that you have a brain tumor, what was your first feeling?

I was stunned. And felt quite differently, as would have put someone stones in the stomach. Then I tried to make myself smart – and to act quickly.

What do you do when you don’t know or are afraid to?

I’m a big Fan of lists. I write: “I’m scared, because …” In the next column: “What I can do about it”. And in the third column: “when”. This is helping me tremendously. Giving up is not an Option for me.

Are You Praying For?

Yes, on a regular basis. I also have a crucifix in the office, and a large beautiful wooden angel, with whom I was speaking. I have the feeling that he protects me.

You have 32 radiation treatments. What was the worst?

That was last December, when I got adjusted in preparation for the heavy proton radiation therapy in Heidelberg, a face mask. That was quite atrocious. This plaster is movable similar to a mask, then it will be hard. I got a short panic. The radiation treatments themselves are not, of course, also beautiful. Many flashes of past chase to the eyes, seconds before a like months. Fortunately, I was but not bad. The dizziness, a side effect of the surgery, is the Only thing that affects me in everyday life. Also in order to learn to live. I prefer my husband to me, supports me.

Maria von Welser: “With 21 I bought me a grave”

Her husband Klaus Häusler was the Only one who knew of her Tumor.

Yes, my children and grandchildren, I said it after the OP. It could well be that what is going wrong and that my life is over. I have a living will, do not want any life-prolonging measures. My Covenant I had made before, at the notary, I was also. But, thank God, I’m here.

About the death you have been thinking early on.

With 21, I bought a grave in Kreuth am Tegernsee.


Where I grew up, like me. I think it’s good to know where it ends. My grandparents and parents are now there, too. But so far it is not yet, now I have to fight first.

This article was written by Interview: Kimberly Hagen

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