Many now buy a Mouth guard, but helps against the Coronavirus hardly

After the spread of the novel Coronavirus faster than expected in China, is now arrived in Germany. What you need to know about the Virus, how to protect themselves, and why a Mouth guard is exaggerated.

Today it was announced that a 33-year-old man from the district of Landsberg in Bavaria with the pathogen has infected. He is, apparently, a colleague from Shanghai, and he was in the last week, at a training session in his company in Starnberg, together taken. The Chinese should have stuck with their parents, who had come from Wuhan and visited, face.

When she was in Germany, showed the 33-Year-old, however, still no signs. The man from upper Bavaria had last weekend, mild symptoms, he brought incorrectly with a flu in the connection.

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What are the typical symptoms?

In fact, the new lung disease can easily be mistaken for the flu, because the symptoms are similar. Typical first symptoms are:

  • Fever
  • dry cough
  • Shortness of breath
  • Shortness of breath
  • Fatigue, Tiredness,

Because the Virus infects the lower respiratory tract, have to be Concerned, but no runny nose. The Munich-based Virology-Professor Clemens Wendtner, according to must – in addition to the symptoms of a respiratory illness with pneumonia – another crucial criterion: The Patient must have had in the two weeks prior to the illness, directly or indirectly, contact with the Chinese from the Wuhan Region.

Wendtner suspected that the pathogen is transmitted both by droplet and smear infection.  

Who is at risk?

"The Coronavirus is not highly virulent – it is for healthy people not worse than a Grippe", Dominik Pförringer explains orthopedist in Munich. The risk of being infected in Germany, is low. "Hysteria is completely unangebracht", the physician reported further.

Healthy people with the Coronavirus infected, with the pathogen ready. According to Pförringer however, older, frail people, infants and people with acquired, congenital or drug-induced immunodeficiency.

How can you protect yourself?

Also the protection against the novel Coronavirus is similar to the case of a flu. "It is enveloped Viren", the Munich-based doctor, &quot explained;these viruses respond well to surface disinfection and hand disinfection." In General, the pathogen is to get a good grip on to, if you follow simple hygiene measures, such as

  • regular, thorough hand washing
  • Handkerchiefs use only once
  • Cough – and Nießetikette note: when coughing or Sneezing to avert, if possible, in the bend of the elbow sneeze or wash your hands
  • not with the hands to the face or mucous membrane areas

The concern that the introduction of the novel Coronavirus in German pharmacies already, the demand for respiratory masks are on the rise. "In many pharmacies nationwide, the masks are reinforced nachgefragt", Ursula sellers mountain of the Federal Union of German associations of Pharmacists said. Concrete Figures are not available so far. The masks would, according to the seller mount in case of the case but only "begrenzt" help to protect against infection with the new lung disease. Important to comply with the wash hygiene measures, such as hands.

The Pförringer looks so. Mouth guard to wear keeps the medical doctor is excessive. "You can after two hours wegschmeißen", he says. To protect yourself from infection, you would have used a higher – quality mouth protection and is not directly available, but as little as necessary. This protects highly exposed people such as hospital staff, is in the outdoor area, however, pointless.

Real protection only virus density of the breathing masks of the categories, FFP2 and FFP3, explains Professor Clemens Wendtner. However, the need to be in constant use every few hours, exchanged, because they are wet and then the Filter no longer works. The head doctor of the hospital Munich Schwabing holds nothing of in this country, with masks running around, “mask of protection is only useful if you have a high level of enforcement in the population.” In China this was not the case, but not in Germany.

Similar to the flu, the Coronavirus appears during the incubation period – so if someone is infected but not yet showing symptoms to be contagious. "However, the risk, the incubation period for infection is, geringer", Pförringer says. He is convinced that "We are not in a disaster situation – and even if, then, German clinics and hospitals would be more prepared."

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How prepared Germany against the Coronavirus?

The danger that the novel Coronavirus is widespread in this country more, but "to gering", the Federal Ministry of health explained. There are well-established procedures and reporting channels, as well as first arrangements and a legal basis for possible further crisis measures.

If there is a suspected case, there are certain criteria check out:

  • Someone shows characteristics of a respiratory disease such as coughing or a lung infection?
  • He was in the past 14 days in a high-risk area in China, such as the Region of Wuhan?
  • Or was he in the last 14 days in contact with a Diseased?

If Yes, is examined, the Patient physician, taking hygiene measures, such as a protection over the mouth and nose belong. Background for the period of 14 days, the incubation period is the span between infection and the onset of symptoms – is 2 to 14 days.

If patients with such a suspicion criteria, to the doctor, you should call before you start. Then can be taken in practice or in the clinic, precautions against infection, such as hygiene measures, such as the Ministry explained. The investigation should ideally be taken, one sample from the lower and upper respiratory tract. The Virus is about sputum in the Cough. The evaluation takes approximately five hours, including the time for courier shipments coming into the lab. So far, there are about a handful of laboratories offering the Tests, says Lars what a pity, the Robert-Koch-Institute (RKI).

When the Virus is demonstrated, the Patient should "isoliert" be. He is then housed in a single room and treated at the hospital, the hospital staff must wear protective clothing. People who had close contact to Affected are to be informed and to observe by the responsible health authority. You would then be registered first, in particular, will be asked to symptoms, and it may be made also lab tests, explains the Berlin virologist Christian Drosten.

The RKI recommends that the insulation in the hospital, as long as it is not clear whether a suspected case is classified Person carries the Virus. In the case of a positive test result, the insulation would stay there.

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The Ministry of health points out that such measures 2002/2003 have worked well in the Asia outgoing lung disease Sars. A further spread of the Sars pathogen that came from a Corona family, can be prevented. At that time there were, therefore, at the end of nine probable cases in Germany, of which four were tested positive. Not to death cases.

A protective vaccine or specific therapy for the treatment of the current disease are the symptoms but can be with medication mitigated.

Current official protection measures that, at some airports information material for incoming passengers from China prepared. These include health coordinate authorities of the airports of Hamburg, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt/Main, Munich and Berlin with the RKI and the German Federal Ministry of transport, such as the health Department explains.

In the RKI is a coordinating Agency has been set up which coordinates also with the country authorities. Exchange there is, for example, with the world health organization (WHO) and with the other EU countries. The Foreign office recommends, for the time being, to postpone unnecessary travel to the Chinese Region of Wuhan.

Further official protection measures are, in principle, possible. If necessary, evaluated by the local health Department "according to the specific circumstances of the Einzelfalles", as the Ministry explained. The infection protection act stipulates that national authorities can restrict events and other large gatherings of people, or prohibit.

Bathing establishments and community facilities such as schools, day-care centres, homes, and camps can be fully or partially closed. Authorities may order quarantine for people with the disease are sick, suspicious, or infection of suspicious. It can be prohibited, certain activities of the Profession exercise.

The competent authority can, in principle, also be a commitment to people, "not to leave the place you are in, or not to enter certain places, to take the necessary protection measures are carried out sind&quot been;. In this respect, could be restricted so that, in principle, also fundamental rights of freedom of Person, freedom of Assembly, and the inviolability of the home. But: "A therapeutic treatment may not werden&quot arranged;, it is said in the law.

Of sealed-off cities, as in China, the speech is not in this country. The Minister of health, Jens Spahn (CDU) refers to about the measles, which were clearly contagious as the Coronavirus. "And we get a measles outbreak in Germany, with a much milder measures, as we see currently in China."

Currently relevant, scientific information on the subject are on the Website of the Robert Koch Institute, searchable and freely accessible.

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