Lovers of Tonic Water have a larger brain?

How does the size of the brain to the taste?

May indicate a preference for the consumption of Tonic Water on the size of the brain? Doctors found that the size of the brain has only an influence on how smart people are, but also affects how bitter individuals Tonic Water.

The scientists from the University of Queensland have found in their recent study that the size of the brain has an effect on how bitter people feel the taste of Tonic Water. The experts published the results of their study in the English journal “Behavioural Brain Research”.

Why do some people have a preference for bitter taste?

The is the first Time that brain’s perception and taste perception were brought into connection, explained study author Dr. Hwang from the Diamantina Institute of the University of Queensland to the investigation. “Everyone wants to know why we like certain foods and why people’s preference for a bitter or sweet taste haben“, adds the expert, in a press release.

People with larger brains perceive Tonic Water as not so bitter

It was previously unclear whether the size of the brain affects something other than the IQ of a Person, but now the scientists were able to determine that the size also depends on how food and beverages are perceived. No matter whether you like Tonic Water or not, people with larger brains find it normally, as a less bitter, says Dr. Hwang.

More over 1600 subjects participated in the study

For the study, more than 1,600 volunteers in Australia and America, were asked their perceived intensities of various sweet and bitter taste solutions. The size of the brain of the Participants was then measured using a so-called MRI Scans.

What were the MRI-Scans?

The scientists found so that the left side of the entorhinal cortex, an area of the brain is for memory, smell and visual perception, was greater in humans, the felt the taste of quinine as less bitter. Quinine is a key ingredient in Tonic Water and is commonly used to assess the response of the people a bitter taste, explains the physician.

Results could improve the treatment of eating disorders

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