Lose weight without: The is with intermittent fasting

Days-long Hunger is not for you? Lucky you, because you do not have to fast during the Interval. In this type of Diet for a matter of hours dispensed on food and drinks (except water and tea) – fasting 2.0, so to speak. However, even this short time is enough for positive results on the scale. We explain to you how the Whole thing works.

What is the meaning of interval fasting?

Front: intermittent fasting, intermittent called the end of fasting, can lead with different models for success. One usually distinguishes three different variants: 16:8, 36:12, or the 5:2 rhythm. What is behind these Numbers? The 5:2 rhythm to the days; you must eat five days a week, normally, and on two days of the week you eat very little – a calorie limit of 500 should be sufficient on these two days. The other two ratios relating to hours, which is fasted. At 36:12 1.5 days must be fasted, then 12 regular dinner hours coming back. The same applies in the case of 16:8, only that the distances here are shorter. Particularly popular is the 16:8 method is out of date, since this is relatively straightforward in the days of the expiry of install.

What is daily life like when intermittent fasting?

Here it is not really a diet in the traditional sense, but rather a long-term change in Diet. This does not mean that you make only for a certain period of time of a few weeks, the interval fasting, and then to return back to your old diet. Instead, the 16:8 principle is their fixed rule according to which they depend – do not panic, small exceptions are allowed of course. And: This change is with the 16:8 method possible, since you can make very individually, because when you fast or eat a share. So you can treat yourself to an early dinner around 17 o’clock, and then again a late Breakfast between 9 and 10 am – depending on when you are done with dinner. The hunger phases are then reduced to a Minimum, since they slept most of the time. (Also interesting: Everything about the ketogenic diet)

Why does the interval of fasting so well?

The explanation is quite simple: Normally, the body consumes supplies is always the first of its Glycogen, its stored carbs (more carbs, you can find here). In the almost time, the body has to fall back, however, at some point any carbs, on the he, and therefore he does not have to be on burning of fat. This is not too fast and is very sustainable.

Fasting is also healthy for the body

The Best thing about the intermittent fasting is that it is not only the fat to melt, but actually healthy. There are first indications that the longer improve almost times the skin because it acts as a sort of Mini-Detox treatment for the body. Sustainable fat burning is just attacked the dangerous belly fat, we (and our doctor) would want. Another positive side effect of the interval is fasting better sleep. Who is neither late nor difficult digestible food before going to To bed, has better phases of deep sleep and better digestion.

What are the disadvantages of fasting it intermittent?

A disadvantage is also an advantage: The consumption of alcohol is low. Because in the case of long dinner or party nights, it will be fast difficult with the Interval. Every single drink is water and unsweetened tea or black coffee, is one of the almost bilianz. Say: If you treat yourself to 23 at one last Gin and Tonic, you are allowed to eat first at 15 o’clock on the next day again. This can sometimes be difficult with everyday life agree, especially if you are in the evening, often a Business Dinner.

A further danger during the interval of fasting: you are not allowed to reward themselves on a daily basis for your fasting””. If you overdo it in the eight food hours with sugar, can not move, the body also almost time for fat burning. And, If you consume in the evening, extremely sugary meals or alcohol, then the not only disturbs sleep, but the next day for a great Hunger. Why? The blood sugar and insulin values to be driven correctly in the height and the body needs a replenishment then it will be difficult for the 16 hours really stick out.

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