Keto Smoothies Are Basically Fat Bombs That You Can Drink

Let’s be honest: Smoothies are the best. I mean, they’re basically healthy milkshakes.

If you’re on the keto diet, though, your typical fave smoothies (ones loaded with fruit) are kind of off-limits, you know, because fruit equals carbs. But Molly Devine, RD, founder and owner of Eat Your Keto, says keto dieters can fit smoothies into their fat-busting diets as occasional meal replacements—as long as they’re whirred up right.

“We want to get away from the idea that a smoothie is a sweet thing,” she says. So rather than filling your blender with juices, you’ll want to turn to sources of fat—like full-fat coconut milk, heavy cream, or coconut oil, for example.

Since it’s hard to just whip up a smoothie on the spot, here are 20 keto-friendly smoothie recipes to help you sip your way to ketosisand those killer keto weight-loss results everyone’s talking about.

1. Low-Carb Acai Almond Butter Smoothie

Perfect Keto

With 20 grams of fat and only eight grams of carbs, this smoothie is perfect for the keto diet. It packs tons of flavor from unsweetened acai, avocado, and almond butter, so Devine says to skip the optional artificial sweeteners listed in the recipe.

Per smoothie: 345 calories, 20 g fat, 8 g carbs, 2 g fiber, 15 g protein

To get the full recipe, go to

2. Blueberry Galaxy Smoothie

Fat For Weight Loss

The base of this thick smoothie is full-fat coconut milk, which makes it a great choice for keto dieters. It also has a solid serving of protein to keep you feeling fuller longer. Devine says the medium-chain triglyceride oil (a.k.a. MCT oil) that’s in this keto smoothie will help you pack in even more healthy fats.

Per smoothie: 343 calories (189 calories from fat), 21 g fat, 3 g carbs, 31 g of protein

To get the full recipe, go to

3. Clean and Green Smoothie

Stuart Petrie

When you think of a smoothie, you’re probably not picturing a savory treat packed with herbs, turmeric, and fresh lemon juice, but this recipe totally changes the game. Not only is it packed with fats from avocado and MCT oil, it has anti-inflammatory ingredients like leafy greens and turmeric to aid digestion, says Devine.

Per smoothie: 360 calories, 33 g fat, 10 g protein, 12 g carbs, 8 g fiber

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4. Keto Frozen Berry Shake

Keto DIet App

When it comes to fruit smoothies on the keto diet, Devine says berries are the way to go. “The best low-sugar fruits are going to be berries—with the hierarchy being blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries at the top,” she explains. With coconut cream as the base, you’ll get a ton of fat for your body to burn, too.

Per smoothie: 400 calories, 41 g fat, 10.6 g carbs, 3.6 g fiber, 4 g protein

To get the full recipe, go to

5. Green Low-Carb Breakfast Smoothie


If you’re looking to drink your veggies instead of eating them, this smoothie is a good place to start. With cucumber, celery, and spinach, you’ll get fiber that will keep you full. And thanks to the avocado, this green drink fits right into your keto goals. Want to get more fat than protein? Cut the protein powder serving in half, Devine says.

Per smoothie: 375 calories, 25 g fat, 30 g of protein, 4 g net carbs

To get the full recipe, go to

6. Minty Green Protein Smoothie

Sugar-Free Mom

A keto twist on mint chocolate chip ice cream, this recipe makes a delicious breakfast treat. The cacao nibs will add some texture to this creamy smoothie made with avocado. Opt for fresh mint instead of stevia if you’re looking to cut artificial sweeteners, Devine recommends.

Per smoothie: 282 calories, 20 g fat (2 g saturated fat), 269 mg sodium, 14 g carbs, 9 g fiber, 2 g sugar, 14 g protein

To get the full recipe, go to

7. Blueberry Coconut Chia Smoothie

All Day I Dream About Food

This recipe will satisfy your fruit cravings while keeping it low-carb. With full-fat Greek yogurt and coconut cream, Devine says you’re getting just the right amount of fat in this smoothie. You can add in protein to fit your daily goals, too. Devine recommends a scoop of collagen peptides or whey protein powder.

Per smoothie: 249 calories, 21.07 g fat, 11.26 g carbs, 3.55 g fiber, 6.23 g protein

To get the full recipe, go to

8. Keto Cinnamon Almond Butter Breakfast Shake

Perfect Keto

Bulk up your breakfast with flax meal and collagen peptides for protein, and add tons of healthy fats from the almond butter. Just a little bit of salt in this recipe goes a long way to bring out the sweetness from the cinnamon. It’s a rich, flavorful way to start the day.

Per smoothie: 326 calories, 27 g fat, 11 g carbs, 5 g fiber, 19 g protein

To get the full recipe, go to

9. Mean Green Matcha Protein Shake

Perfect Keto

Coconut milk, avocado, and coconut oil give this green tea smoothie a creamy, satisfying texture that will fill you up until lunchtime. MCT oil packs even more healthy fat into this drink (key for keto dieters), and spinach adds calcium and iron.

Per smoothie: 334 calories, 24 g fat, 13 g carbs, 10 g fiber, 19g protein

To get the full recipe, go to

10. Keto Beetroot Shake

Fat For Weight Loss

Beetroot has been shown to boost endurance athletes’ performance, so it’s the perfect quick breakfast before a morning run or bike ride. Vanilla extract, cinnamon, and coconut milk give this smoothie some major milkshake vibes.

Per smoothie: 300 calories, 19 g fat, 6 g carbs, 3 g fiber, 25 g protein

To get the full recipe, go to

11. Pecan Pie Smoothie

Naomi Whittel

Pie for breakfast? Yes, please. Pureed pecans give this smoothie a comforting, nutty, buttery taste, and vanilla creamer, creamy macadamia nut butter, and warm cinnamon give this drink total pie-a-la-mode vibes—all while filling you up with healthy fats, of course.

Per smoothie: 36 g fat, 13 g carbs, 8 g fiber, 7 g protein

To get the full recipe, go to

12. Cookies and Cream Keto Milkshake

Keto Diet App

Yes, healthy milkshakes exist! If you’re craving a treat, this low-sugar drink qualifies as a keto fat bomb, and tastes exactly like your fave childhood ice cream.

Per smoothie: 654 calories, 62.4 g fat, 12.2 g carbs, 4.4 g fiber, 9.5 g protein

To get the full recipe, go to

13. Keto Oreo Shake

Keto Diet App

Another tasty treat, this shake is packed with healthy fats, protein, magnesium and potassium to satisfy your sweet tooth and keep you full for hours.

Per smoothie: 549 calories, 47.5 g fat, 14.7 g carbs, 6.8 g fiber, 22.6 g protein

To get the full recipe, go to:

14. Sugar-Free Vanilla Bean Frappucino

Sugar Free Mom

Starbucks lovers gather ’round! This homemade keto version of a vanilla frap is a more low-carb-friendly way to indulge.

Per smoothie: 217 calories, 23 g fat, 2 g carbs, 1 g protein.

To get the full recipe, go to:

15. Keto Strawberry Vanilla Smoothie

I Breathe I’m Hungry

Coconut milk, frozen strawberries, and vanilla extract make this refreshing smoothie the perfect sweet keto breakfast when you’re tired of eggs.

Per smoothie: 149 calories, 11 g fat, 8 g carbs, 2 g fiber

To get the full recipe, go to:

16. MCT Oil Powder Cinnamon Smoothie

Perfect Keto

Tastes sweet, without the actual sweet. This protein and healthy-fat packed smoothie will satisfy your sugar craving with plenty of cinnamon. Plus, prep time gets cut in half when there’s no fruits or veggies to slice up!

Per smoothie: 223 calories, 11.5 g fat, 4 g carbs, 3.7 g fiber, 25.1 g protein

To get the full recipe, go to:

17. Keto Eggnog Smoothie

Fat For Weight Loss

Whip this smoothie up when you want a taste of the holidays. Sweetened with just a touch of maple syrup, this super-creamy shake is comforting without overloading you with sugar.

Per smoothie: 320 calories, 30 g fat, 8 g carbs, 6 g protein

To get the full recipe, go to:

18. Brownie Batter Chocolate Smoothie

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A typical smoothie base is bananas; they give many fruit smoothies their creamy, smooth texture. But there’s a new genius low-carb alternative on the block: zucchini!

This recipe utilizes the veg to achieve that same creamy texture without the high sugar content, while also adding a good source of potassium. Cacao powder gives it a chocolatey flavor and is a good source of magnesium.

Per smoothie: 250 calories, 20.1 g fat, 23.1 g carbs, 14.5 g fiber, 7.7 g protein

To get the full recipe, go to:

19. Blueberry Kefir Smoothie

Keto Diet App

This smoothie uses coconut milk kefir, which is lower in carbs than dairy kefir, and has probiotics to make your gut happy. Berries add antioxidants, sweetness and brightness for a yummy morning meal.

Per smoothie: 477 calories, 50 g fat, 7.6 g carbs, 1 g fiber, 3.9 g protein

To get the full recipe, go to:

20. Low-Carb Tropical Pink Smoothie

Keto Diet App

If you’re craving something fruity, dragonfruit (a.k.a. pitaya) is an awesome low-cal, vitamin-C-packed option. Mixed with protein powder and coconut milk, this tropical smoothie will fill you up fast.

Per 1 shake serving: 403 calories, 28.6 g fat, 17 g carbs, 4.9 g fiber, 24.6 g protein

To get the full recipe, go to:

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