Kate Hudson Says She Enjoys Being Disciplined

Kate Hudson is taking push-ups to an entirely new level. On her mission to get a toned body, she is doing a super effective push-up form (which is extremely complicated by the way). In the exercise, you have to go down keeping the left leg out and then push up taking the left leg up in the air.

Nicole Winhoffer, who trains Kate, has given a name to this move – The Serpent. She tells that it’s a form of low impact stretching that helps in reshaping our body.

The actress also flaunted her new workout on social media to which many of her friends like Brooklyn Decker, Ed Helms, and Nina Dobrev expressed their admiration and amazement through comments.

Kate delivered her third child in 2018, a daughter whom she named Rani Rose and since then she has been focused on getting rid of around 25 pounds that she gained post childbirth. The actress’ target is to bring back her body in shape and tone her figure before starting to work on an upcoming movie project.

Now a mother to three children, Kate says it’s certainly difficult to take care of your own health after becoming a parent. It’s a situation when your children become a priority and finding time to focus on yourself is no less than a challenge.

But in her case, it’s slightly different as the film star admits that she loves being challenged to move her body. No wonder she says being athletic and disciplined is enjoyable for her. According to Kate, challenging her body after pregnancy is an idea of having fun which she likes to do very often. After having that mommy body for a while, restoring fitness and building stomach muscles are the things that she finds interesting even if it requires to push herself a little harder. She certainly is a tough woman!

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