Jenny Mollen Poses Nude to Talk About Her C-Section Scar: ‘It Wasn’t a Scary Thing’

Jenny Mollen is baring all to normalize what a woman’s body looks like after a C-section.

The actress and writer, 40, has a thin, smile-like scar after delivering both of her sons with husband Jason Biggs — Sid, 5, and Lazlo, 2 — via C-section. Mollen said that she initially tried as hard as she could to avoid going under the knife, but now she’s proudly showing off her scar in two nude photos for Harper’s Bazaar, as part of a feature on women and their C-section recoveries.

“My mom had to have an emergency C-section; she never dilated,” Mollen told the magazine. “So, going into my first pregnancy I felt like, ‘oh my God, this is going to happen to me.’ ”

And despite her best efforts, Mollen had to give in and get a C-section.

“I tried and tried, I labored for hours, I mean like 16 hours,” she said. “[The doctor was] like, ‘You’re like half a centimeter dilated. There’s a 99 percent chance you’re not going to have this baby vaginally.’ At that point I was like ‘alright, just f—ing cut me.’ ”

Mollen knew the second time around that she would most likely have to deliver Lazlo with a C-section again, but she didn’t mind anymore, and tried to share her experience on social media to help other moms in the same situation.

“For me, it wasn’t a scary thing,” she said. “I feel like a lot of women have fear and anxiety around it, and I wanted to show the progression of what it looks like a week after, two weeks after.”

And Mollen did that on Instagram, sharing photos and Instagram Stories about her recovery. Two weeks after Lazlo arrived, she showed off her new scar and thanked her doctor.

“I just met my new C-section scar for the first time this morning,” she said. “Thank you Dr. Albert Sassoon for your artistry. Because I wish somebody had shown me a pic like this 9 months ago, I’d like to insist this be your new business card.”


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