It can be deadly: the manufacturer calls nationwide cut cheese

The Bavarian food wholesale Jürgen Würth returns to nationwide cheese from the manufacturer, Ferme Durr/Biolacte. Consumers are strongly discouraged from consuming the affected product. In products, as well as the production facility, Listeria were detected.

The consumption can have for certain groups of people especially serious consequences and in the worst case even fatal. Affected are all batches of the cheeses "Tomme d'Alsace fett" and "Tomme d'Alsace skimmed natur". According to the food wholesale they were "in small amounts nationwide on cheese counters of various health food stores sold." Jürgen Würth food wholesale e. K.

Possible Consequences

The food wholesale informed about the possible consequences that can result from the consumption of contaminated products. Therefore, a Listeria disease manifests itself within two weeks. The symptoms of infection such as fever and diarrhea brings.

"In particular, Pregnant women, the elderly, and people with a weakened immune system can have severe courses of disease with blood poisoning and meningitis entwickeln", it is stated in the notice of the dealer. In Pregnant women, the unborn child can be harmed. Therefore, you should consult without the symptoms as soon as possible with a doctor if you have eaten the cheese.

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