In a holiday Paradise mysterious deaths of American tourists piling up

After a series of mysterious deaths among American tourists in the Dominican Republic the authorities are looking for the cause. In may, three tourists were taken ill in two different Hotels suddenly hard and died. In the Caribbean state, a total of six US tourists came in the past twelve months, under yet unexplained circumstances, lost their lives.

In the case of the recent Victims had been found at autopsy including pulmonary edema, informed the Prosecutor’s office. Whether the various deaths are linked is still unclear. Several victims are to be taken shortly before the Occurrence of the health problems drinks from the Minibar have. It was unfortunate individual cases, said tourism Minister Francisco Javier García.

“The incidents are tragic”

The US Federal Bureau of investigation support the Dominican authorities in the investigation, informed the U.S. Embassy in Santo Domingo recently. With the results of the Toxicological examination will, however, be counted only in about four weeks. “The incidents are tragic, and we talk to the personally Affected, our deepest condolences,” said U.S. Ambassador Robin Bernstein.

The Dominican Republic is one of the most popular holiday destinations in the Caribbean. More than six million tourists visit the country every year, about a third comes from the United States. From Germany, about 260 000 tourists per year and traveled the country.

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