I hope that we are not as hypochondriacs or dismissed

Since its birth, Denise Bartels suffers from limb and joint pain. When she was 20, came to severe headaches. It is only now that your two rare diseases have been diagnosed. She says: “I wish that we as a hypochondriac or even dismissed.” Bear the brunt of the patients.

My Name is Denise Bartels. I am 47 years old and I have the "Ehlers-Danlos Syndrom". The EDS is a rare genetic disorder, I got him, so to speak, "in the cradle bekommen&quot laid;. Nevertheless, it took 42 years before he was diagnosed, the Doctors with me. The Practitioner simply had not thought of that, because of this genetic defect is one of the rare diseases.

For a year I got a second rare disease dignostiziert: "Cluster-Migräne". Here, too, the diagnosis came very very late. Since I’m 20 I have attacks. Rare, non-obvious diseases are the orphans of medicine, are really. I wish that we as a hypochondriac or even dismissed.

Bandages to protect against the dislocation of the joints

My connective tissue is not built up properly. As a result, it is less stable than it should be. This means that all structures occurs in the body in which connective tissue (muscles, Tendons, joints, skin, organs) are unstable, and little to no support. Only by stabilizing bandages, I can hold myself upright, and me, fairly normal – it will also prevent my joints dislocate, so dislocate it.

Denise Bartels, 1970 born in Ingolstadt, lives with her family in Elmshorn. She is suffering since her birth, the genetic disorder “Ehlers-Danlos syndrome”. Before they went into early retirement, worked for Denise Bartels as a nurse and old therapist. About living with EDS, she reported on her Blog, “live – Laugh – rolling to”.

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