How Black Panther’s Okoye Prepares For Her Badass, Iconic Roles

Give her Marvel’s Okoye or The Walking Dead‘s Michonne and she will make any character unforgettable with her flawless acting flair. Apart from doing magic on screen, Danai Gurira is known for a super fit body that she maintains with a disciplined lifestyle. When it comes to preparing for special roles like the one in Black Panther which requires extra endurance, she takes help from her trainer A. J. Fisher whom she affectionately refers to as MacGyver of trainers.

During the days when Danai had just landed the role of Okoye, she started working with her trainer who is an expert in designing rigorous workouts using regular methods like yoga, Alexander technique, and Pilates to achieve holistic strength.

Like every other person, the super talented actress also feels great when the hard work pays off. Recalling her experiences, Danai said she realized a great change in her body when she was able to do the tough movie sequences without any difficulty.

As a part of her holistic approach, the playwright (she also writes for Broadway’s Eclipsed) has been following a clean eating plan for five years now. Her meals mostly include fish, plenty of vegetables and she tries to avoid dairy as much as possible. The one thing that has to be there on her plate is leafy greens without which she considers her meal to be incomplete. Though, Danai doesn’t deprive herself of a treat once in a while, especially when she is traveling.

Other than being a famous film star, she is also a social activist and runs an organization named Love Our Girls which works towards bringing awareness about the issues that affect girls and women worldwide. Danai considers this aspect of her work as a means of self-care as helping others gives her a sense of nurturing her own soul. Sounds like a perfect idea for staying happy and inspired!

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