Ecstasy victim: 17-Year-old dies after a calculation error of an Overdose

A 17-Year-old wanted to try out with your friend Ecstasy. But because they settled for the maximum dose, the girl died at their first drug use. The Dealer could not be determined. Now the girl’s parents make their Anger.

After a Party in Frankfurt-Zeilsheim, Leia (17) and Joel (23) in the apartment of his parents, crystalline Ecstasy. Because the two were inexperienced in dealing with the Doge, informed you on the Internet the maximum dose. The was 50 milligrams. As the "Bild" reported, I thought the Couple that corresponded to 0.5 grams. For safety, you would have consumed half of these, however, these are 250 milligrams.

Friend of the 17-Year-old accused of

Leia was then bad, but your friend did nothing and fell asleep at some point next to her. When he woke up the next day, the 17-Year-old already dead. Joel was accused of “careless causing of death” and “violation of the narcotics law”.

Where the Couple had a drug, the mode is not known. The public Prosecutor assumes, that Joel himself has bought the drug. The mother of the dead girl, Anja Bock told the "Bild", that you received on the night of the Party note, according to Joel sell drugs there. She was then driven to the event, but the friend of her daughter had assured her that the allegations nothing was on it.

“For us, it was our child”

The police couldn’t find out until now, who had sold the two drugs. Father Thorsten Bock explained to "Bild": “We have the impression that not everything was tried to get to him. We gave the police the mobile phones of the two, got back soon. You are not to unlock. We had the PINs, also the passwords for your Accounts on social media and messengers. The Chats were deleted.“

Furthermore, the parents complained that you were her daughter after three weeks, bury and previously not even see. You didn’t want to accuse, but you have the impression that Leia for the police to be just another drug victim. “For us, it was our child,” said Thorsten Bock of the "Bild".

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