Eat more meat!

Who loves sausage and Steaks, you must turn in dietary recommendations for many years bravely. 600 grams of meat and sausage to eat an adult per week at the most, recommends the German nutrition society (DGE). Provided with the note: “he Who eats much red meat and sausage, has a higher risk for colorectal cancer.”

Sausage was classified in the year 2015 by the International cancer research Agency IARC as a carcinogen, red meat, i.e. beef, pork and lamb, as probably carcinogenic.

Prefer cereal instead of a meatball sandwich?

Also for the cardiovascular System, in particular sausage has long been considered a risk factor. This finding is based Mainly on large observational studies in which people are asked about for many years regularly as they feed and as well will be charged if you fall ill, or during the period of investigation, even die. However, not all observational studies do not point in the same direction.

How big the risk actually is, when one starts the Morning better with a meatball sandwich instead of cereal, is not so clear as one may think.

An international research team now presents in the journal “Annals of Internal Medicine” several so-called Meta-analyses in which the studies of a particular question are summarized. In addition, they present a nutrition recommendation, in relation to red meat and sausage.

This recommendation is, in short, adults should just eat red meat and sausage products in the amount of more, as you have done so far. The scientists admit yourselves that The recommendation is weak because the scientific evidence is poor.

The current Council is based on the aforementioned Meta-analyses that summarized the outcome: Whether or not someone is a lot or a little sausage and red meat eating, affected either little or not risk, cancer, or heart to suffer.

With the caveat that these are, ultimately, estimates on the Basis of unclear data, presented to the Team some Numbers on this, what would happen if people would eat three servings of less sausage or red meat per week. This may lead, if a thousand people over almost eleven years to a handful of less Diabetes-related diseases and death cases suffer from cardiovascular.

At the same time, the researcher points to the group itself to an important point: people who eat a lot of meat, do this in a simple and easy to like. It increases your well-being. Forced resignation this would interfere with – and may well damage the long term health.

Most of the people opt anyway for your eating habits is not due to diet tips over. Which may explain why the Germans, despite years of warnings – continued to eat more meat than is recommended.

However, there can be also from the point of view of health, researchers are other, good arguments to reduce the consumption of meat for Ethical reasons, as well as the impact of livestock on the environment.

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