Doctors chief: anyone Who refuses to Vaccinate as a physician, to patients remotely

In the debate about mandatory vaccination against measles German medical Association President Frank Ulrich Montgomery wants to take action against Doctors, the parents of such a vaccination advise against.

In an Interview with the FOCUS, Montgomery responded to the question of how his organization did with impfkritischen Doctors: “You have to talk with them, and if you can’t convince, you have to bring these colleagues to the extent that they are in a different field, such as in a laboratory or as an expert.” Monika Skolimowska/dpa-Zentralbi Frank Ulrich Montgomery, President of the Federal chamber of physicians

The medical approval, Approbation, could not deprive them of the Federal chamber of physicians, said Montgomery. He stressed at the same time, “a doctor has the right to represent nonsense”.

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