Dating: the Pitch reveals whether one is perceived as attractive

So you realize your chances of choosing a partner based on the voice

As most of the Singing shows, the people will easily be able to manipulate his vocal tract and the pitch of the voice and to vary. Whether this ability is specifically applied in the life partner, a European researcher has recently examined a team in a study. This showed that both women and men hitting other sounds, as soon as you find the conversation partner attractive.

Researchers at the University of Sussex, and of the Polish University of Wroclaw found in a recent study, partner search change your voice when you talk to someone you find attractive. So, it showed that men lower their voice if you find the conversation partner sexually interesting. In the case of the women, this was a little more complicated. They lowered due to, or increased their voting location and situation. The results were recently published in the journal “Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences”.

The voice of flirting

As the research team noted that use of both men and women targeted voting location changes, to signal to the Opposite interest. The Team observed participating in a Speed-Dating event, and recorded the vocals. It showed that men can seize a deeper tone of voice, when you speak with a woman, to feel you to be attracted to.

Women change the Pitch depending on the situation

For the ladies, the thing was more difficult. If a man of many women has been considered attractive, it tended to be the Participants of the study to use a deeper voice than usual. “Women lowered the pitch of the voice in men, which were preferred by other women, at the most,” explained the main author of the study, Katarzyna Pisanski from Sussex University in an English press release of the study results.

When women speak higher or lower than normal

However, if a woman speaks with a man who is not sought after by the majority of women, but of the woman as a suitable Partner is classified, it tends according to the study, to speak higher than normal. The psychologist Pisanski explains this apparent contradiction: in your opinion, a high part of the voice in women is a signal of youth, femininity and fertility, while a lower Pitch, more to do with sexual interest and intimacy.

Women are picky

Also, the study showed that women voters are more than men. While the women at Speed-Dating found only an average of every third man attractive, were interested in the men at any second wife. (vb)

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