COVID-19 not likely to be over by end of year, WHO says

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The World Health Organization said Monday that it is unlikely that the coronavirus will no longer be an issue by the end of the year and one official said despite advances, the virus is “very much in control.”

Dr. Michael Ryan, the head of the WHO’s emergency services arm, told a press conference in Geneva that he believes it is “unrealistic, to think that we’re going to finish with this virus by the year.”

COVID-19 seems to be entering a new stage where the vaccine rollout and reports of lower recorded transmissions have the public eager to move on from lockdowns and social-distancing mandates. But health officials have warned that cases ticked upward last week and there are variants circulating that may render approved vaccines less effective.

The Guardian reported that Ryan said much of the future success the world has in fighting the virus hinges on vaccines that may be able to lessen the risk of disease transmission.

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