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Colchicine seems to work against COVID-19

The autumn Crocus (Colchicum autumnale) is highly toxic and may already be in small quantities is fatal to humans. It is in this poisonous plant seems to be dormant, according to a recent study, a drug that speeds recovery of a COVID-19-disease.

A Greek research team showed in a small clinical study, that of the autumn Crocus root seems to accelerate the end of the active ingredient colchicine, the recovery in COVID-19. The results were presented in the prestigious journal “JAMA Network Open”.

Colchicine traditional gout-medium


Colchicine is regarded as a traditional remedy against Gout. The Alkaloid from the real-time loose seeds can soothe severe pain, which occur in the course of a gout disease. At the same time colchicine is also a strong mitotic poison, which affects the process of cell division. Therefore, the active ingredient is today used only rarely in gout and safe medications replaced.

Colchicine anti-inflammatory on the heart

The active ingredient is in recent years moved more into the focus of research, as there is a strong anti-inflammatory effects seems to be assumed. In the treatment of inflammatory heart diseases such as pericarditis (pericardium inflammation) showed colchicine good efficacy in low doses.

How does colchicine inflammation?


As mentioned above, influenced the active compound from the autumn Crocus, cell division (mitosis). More specifically, colchicine blocks the mitosis of certain cells. This leads to a reduction of the inflammatory reaction, since in the course of cell division, usually white blood cells (leukocytes) that are recruited to the inflammatory response. The Absence of new leukocytes reduced, so the inflammatory process.

What does this have to do with COVID-19?

COVID-19 is a disease, when it comes to strong inflammatory reactions. Colchicine is a drug that is inexpensive to manufacture and at low doses proved to be safe. A minimum of twelve clinical studies are currently investigating the efficacy of colchicine in COVID-19. The Greek research team has now presented the first results.

Results of the study

In the context of the study, a total of 105 symptomatic COVID-19-the Affected were treated with low-dose colchicine or Placebo. From the study results show that in the colchicine group, the COVID-19-disease worsened rare. On a 7-point scale to determine the Severity of the disease, St. the value in the colchicine group had an average of 2 points.

Limitations of the study

It is a small clinical study. The patients were treated with other drugs. Almost all Participants also received hydroxychloroquine and Azithromycin, about 50 percent was administered a blood clotting agent, and a third of the treatment by Lopinavir, or Ritonavir was added.

Therefore, it is unclear what the actual contribution of colchicine. Acts of the Mediterranean only in combination with other medicines, or in case of sole administration, or the effect is mainly due to the other drugs?

The study team is optimistic

“The results of this study suggest a role of colchicine in the treatment of COVID-19,” conclude the researchers. What is the role of the will be accurate, will highlight the outstanding studies. (vb)

Also mugwort extracts seem to act against COVID-19. Read: This medicinal plant is effective against SARS-CoV-2.

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