Corona: a High risk of Infection when they Sing in the choir

How high is the risk of getting infected while Singing in the choir with the Coronavirus is? This question of the Bavarian broadcasting is explored, together with scientists from Munich and Erlangen. The result is sobering.

Sing along with other people is a risky matter is at the moment: large quantities of Aerosol to be released, so that an increased risk of SARS-CoV-2 to infect. The first results of a still unpublished study by the Bavarian radio show, together with the universities of Munich and Erlangen. The scientists wanted to find out how much and in what directions the Singing of potentially infectious Aerosol is released.

1.5 meters is not enough

The measurements showed: To the front of the choir singers should adhere to each other a greater distance than to the side. "We have measured to the front in the middle distances of a little less than 1 Meter for the sung Text, some of the singers were also Wide of 1 to 1.5 meters, so that safety distances of 1.5 meters are probably too low, and spacing of 2 to 2.5 meters in meaningful erscheinen", study leader Professor Dr. Matthias Echternach from the Ludwig-Maximilians-University of Munich says. This distance was sufficient, however, only when the space is continuously ventilated, so that the aerosols accumulate. To the side, however, spacing of 1.5 m may be enough.

Also, the mouth-nose protection Singing is according to the study, not sure. While the Aerosol would be filtered through the mouth-nose protection to the part, a part of the aerosols from the kick but is easily the beam-like upwards and to the side. Sing with a mask could therefore, from the point of view of Echternach, for example in churches or other lay choirs "some verhindern". For professional choirs, but it would probably not be an Option, "because I have to be very articulate, and every smallest Nuance of sound, of course, need."

For the study, the participating singers-defined passages in different should sing according to the strengths and speak. With high-speed cameras and laser light, the release and the dispersion of larger droplets were collected in a first. It was subsequently examined in another arrangement, the Aerosol release. For this purpose, the subjects inhaled the carrier solution of an E-cigarette, which was then made with a white light visible and recorded by cameras.


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