Cold weather could kill a canadian – because you have a winter Allergy

The cold Season is for many people uncomfortable. Cool temperatures bring us to Tremble, prepare dry skin or colds.

For the canadian Arianna Kent, the Winter can be dangerous though.

Because Kent is suffering from a so-called cold hives , or colloquially as a “Winter Allergy”. This means that the 21-Year-old gets in contact with cold air or water, an allergic shock. The news Agency “caters is the winner of News reports”.

The disease manifests itself in a red rash that feels like stitches as small needle, and the whole body of the Affected flooring.

Kent have suffered, according to his own statement, already more than a thousand of these allergic reactions.

Disease could be life-threatening

However, it remains in the auto-immune disease is not always only in the case of the itchy rash. Kent always has an emergency shot of Epinephrine, an anaphylactic shock to avoid.

The reasons for such a response are varied: they can be triggered by a sudden shower of rain, a gust of wind or a high-set air-conditioning. Even if you cold water to take strings of your felt in the neck, told the young woman.

Due to her illness, she had several times already to the hospital and bangte even to your life.

Few would take your illness seriously

However, many take this rare disease seriously. Kent said, according to the “Daily Mail”:

“It’s not every day that someone says ‘I’m allergic to the cold’, but it is really not a difficult thing and especially if people don’t want to believe you or not know that the disease exists. Believe me, the people, and say things like: ‘Yes, Arianna, we know that you are always cold, but that is not for a long time that you are allergic to are.’

Even Doctors would not take their illness, often serious.

According to Medizinernist the exact reason for cold hives is known. It could have to do with highly sensitive skin cells, which occur in the context of a Virus or a disease.

Kent has now learned better to deal with the disease and was able to reduce their hospital stays. She usually wears several layers of clothing and tried it on cold days to avoid the house to leave.


This article was written by HuffPost / jr

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