All three children suffer from cancer – now there is new hope for the family

The three brothers, Tristen, Caison and Carter out of Alabama in the U.S. state of Georgia all suffer from the same rare type of cancer, the retinoblastoma. For her parents, Aaron and Angie Rush to the illness of the children is not only an emotional but also a financial burden. To be able to the chemotherapy to pay, they sold even their own home. But now there is new hope.

How the U.S. television network ABC News reported, had donated after a call for donations, in the meantime, people from all over the country, to help the family back on its feet.

Retinoblastoma occurs rarely, but is heritable

When retinoblastoma is an extremely rare tumor formation in the retina of the eye. The earlier it is detected the better the chances of a cure. If left untreated, retinoblastoma, however, leads to death.

As Rush himself suffered from as a child retinoblastoma, were you and your husband at the birth of their children aware of what they could be facing. The retinoblastoma is heritable. "The Doctors had told me already that, due to the genetic Mutation of the Retinoblastoms a 50% probability that I weitervererbe&quot it to my children;, as Rush. Her cancer had been diagnosed at the age of six months.

Family can breathe a sigh of relief after numerous donations again

And so it came how it had to come: in 2014, the retinoblastoma was found to be Drab. 2016 then the next shock: Caison with the same diagnosis received. In January of this year, finally, the retinoblastoma was discovered also in the case of Carter.

To be able to the medicines and the treatments of their children to pay, sold to Aaron and Angie out of sheer despair, even your home and moved the children to Relatives. Thanks to the numerous donations, you can breathe a sigh of relief but now again a little. "People say they think of us. This is simply wundervoll", Angie Rush says the transmitter. "The financial support is also toll", she adds.

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