Add This Adorable Hatching Chick Deviled Eggs Recipe to Your Easter Menu

What’s Easter without eggs? They’re the center of every Easter display, kids color them in all sorts of ways, we fill them with goodies and hide them in the yard and of course, we boil them and serve them up as deviled eggs at meal time. This year, skip the boring, plain-ole deviled eggs and really make your Easter food spread pop — with an adorable hatching chick deviled eggs recipe.

Kids and grown-ups alike will get a kick out of these adorable, cute-as-a-button deviled eggs. Plus, they’re easy to make and even easier to eat.

Ready to impress your guests? Below, we’ve laid out the process step-by-step accompanied by photos to help you along the way. And be sure to click onto the next page for the entire recipe.

To start, make perfect hard-boiled eggs. To make the cooked eggs easy to peel, I let them sit in an ice bath for a whole hour.

While the eggs are cooling, you can prep your beaks and feet. I like to use a julienne peeler, which makes things go much faster, but you can also use a knife. Julienne part of a carrot into matchsticks, and then use a knife to slice the matchsticks into 1/2-inch pieces. You will need seven pieces per chick.

When you’re ready to make your chicks, crack the egg all over with a spoon. I like to use a spoon with a slightly pointed tip, which is really helpful in the next step.

Use the tip of your spoon to start peeling the egg. Just slide it under the shell, and carefully work your way around the egg, discarding shell as you go.

Once your eggs are peeled, it’s time to shape them. Lay the egg on its side, and cut a small slice off the bottom (flatter) end. This gives it a base to stand on. You can eat that little slice now, since you won’t need it. Then cut about 1/2 – 3/4 inch off the top (pointy) end. This end piece is going to be the top of your chick.

Scoop all the yolks out of the eggs (don’t forget the tops, too), and mix them with the filling ingredients. Put your filling into a plastic bag with a corner end snipped off, and pipe it into your eggs.

Place a top slice of egg white on each chick, and add two peppercorns and a piece of carrot to make the face. You may find it easier to use tweezers for these tiny pieces.

Arrange the eggs however you would like to serve them, then add feet by slipping the remaining slices of carrot under their bodies. Again, tweezers can help with this step. Place three pieces together on each side to make the feet.

Refrigerate until ready to serve, but try to serve them within a couple of hours to keep the yolks looking fresh.

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A version of this article was originally published in April 2014.

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