14 Fancy Grilled Cheese Sandwiches That Make Perfect Easy Dinners

No matter how old you are, there’s nothing quite like a grilled cheese. As a kid, the warm, oozing sandwiches were great because, well… bread and cheese. As an adult, there’s even more to appreciate about them. They’re easy to make and take 10 minutes or less. With the right ingredients, they can be really inexpensive. And it’s easy to incorporate tasty ingredients beyond just bread and cheese if that’s what you feel like.

While a simple grilled cheese makes for a perfectly fine dinner, a fancied-up grilled cheese with a few extra ingredients — roasted veggies, greens, meat, fruit, etc. — can feel a little more substantial and balanced. Not to mention a fancy grilled cheese pairs far better with wine than one made with Kraft singles and Wonder Bread. In other words, a few tweaks and a tiny bit of extra effort is all you need to turn your favorite kid meal into something fit for a grown-up sit-down dinner.

The following 14 fancy grilled cheese sandwich recipes range from meat-filled meals to veggie-centric. All are easy enough for beginner cooks. While most of the recipes yield one serving, they can be scaled up to feed two or more people.

Asparagus grilled cheese with brown butter & Dijon

This asparagus grilled cheese is a hearty way to get in a serving of vegetables. The brown butter-Dijon combination makes it feel very adult too.

Grilled cheese with balsamic-roasted vegetables

If you have leftover roasted veggies lying around, this balsamic-roasted vegetable grilled cheese is an easy way to incorporate them into a meal.

Avocado grilled cheese

Love avocado toast? This avocado grilled cheese is even better thanks to goat cheese, mozzarella and butter.

3-cheese everything spice grilled cheese

This everything spice grilled cheese won’t contribute to your vegetable intake for the day, but it will make your night at least three times better.

Roasted broccoli grilled cheese melt

This broccoli-cheddar grilled cheese perfectly showcases the classic ingredient combination.

Fancy BLT grilled cheese sandwiches

Instead of fresh tomatoes, which can be slimy and tough to bite through, this BLT grilled cheese gets its T from a smear of tomato pesto.

Pizza Margherita grilled cheese

If you’re in the mood for pizza, but not in the mood to wait for delivery, this fancy pizza grilled cheese will do the trick.

Chicken Florentine grilled cheese

Whether you cook up a fresh chicken breast or use a leftover one, this umami-rich chicken Florentine grilled cheese is pretty much foolproof.

Kale & Parmesan grilled cheese

Think you don’t like kale? Try stuffing it into this kale and Parmesan grilled cheese before making your final judgment.

Turkey bacon & avocado grilled cheese

Think of this turkey bacon and avocado grilled cheese as a next-level club sandwich.


Pesto, artichoke & Havarti grilled cheese

Forget green smoothies. How about trying this green grilled cheese?

Bacon & egg grilled cheese sandwich

Breakfast-for-dinner is the name of the game for this bacon and egg grilled cheese.

Roasted portobello mushroom grilled cheese sandwich

As well as being a tasty meat substitute, portobello mushrooms pair exceptionally well with cheese. This mushroom grilled cheese is guaranteed to satisfy.

Balsamic-blueberry grilled cheese

If you’re not in the mood for veggies, why not try adding fruit to dinner instead? This balsamic-blueberry grilled cheese might sound strange, but it totally works.

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