Woman horrified when her ex-boyfriend asks for her sex toys back

The post continues: “I was confused and honestly grossed out by this, as I have used them.

“He says that it p***** him off thinking about how I could potentially use the butt plugs with another partner and that he bought them for us, not me.

“I honestly got quite upset and called him possessive for caring so much about who I want to have sex with in the future.

“And hypocritical, as a past ex gave me a vibrator and he wanted to use it with me during sex despite it being a gift from a previous partner of mine.

“He got p*****, said I invalidated his feelings and that I said those things to make him feel bad.

“He says he wants the butt plugs back so he can throw them away.

“I told him that if he wanted the butt plugs back, then I would also give him the other things he gave me back as well.

“I just don’t agree with his reasoning and feel weird giving used sex toys back to him. Am I in the wrong?”

After the woman appealed for advice, Reddit users waded in with their opinions.

The vast majority of responders urged the poster to keep hold of the sex toys.

One wrote: “Now that you’ve broken up, you don’t have to entertain any more communication from him or demands that you return property that’s yours.

“He needs to move on and not worry about what you do now that you’re not broken up.”

Another said: “That’s weird and you don’t need to give them back to him unless you actually want to.

“It sounds like he’s just being petty because his feelings are hurt over the breakup.”

A third added: “Give him back his stuff and either keep or dispose of the toys; he’s just using it as something else to control and get mad about.”

While most commenters told the woman to keep the anal toys, others said it would be easiest to return them and cut off contact.

A Redditor advised: “It’s super weird, but it’s probably best to just give them back to him and then block him on every platform.”

Another remarked: “I mean just give them back – I don’t see why it’s worth fighting and fussing over.

“Give them back to appease him and buy more if you want to keep using butt plugs, like is a few dollars worth of silicon really worth all this trouble?”

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