UK home to some of world’s ‘UGLIEST men and women’ finds ‘beautiful people’ site

At the other end of the scale, Scandinavia apparently produces the most stunning men and women. 

BeautifulPeople managing director Greg Hodgem said: “UK men and women aren’t faring well, especially UK men who share the dubious honour of being classified as the ugliest in the world on par with Russian and Polish men. 

“Being English myself, this is a bitter pill for me and my countrymen to swallow. 

“Britain is stumbling, especially the men because of a general lack of grooming and an inactive pub culture lifestyle.” 

Applicants go through a 48-hour rating period where existing members of the opposite sex vote on them. 

Greg added: “It is perhaps the largest and most comprehensive data set of its kind in the world, revealing where the most beautiful people herald from.”

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