Researcher calls for radical rethink: don’t be afraid of the age!

That you stop working, is still far away? No matter. Think about your time in old age. An old researcher explains why you may now make plans and even. Don’t miss a thing!

We have to think of the age. And quite radically. Of Klaus Roth, the mouth is convinced. The researcher is head of the Department of General psychology and a member of the Directorate of the centre for ageing research, Jena, Germany, and has worked for many years with aging. Finally, old people are living in Germany, more and more. Currently, about 17.5 million are 65 years or older.

The conditions of aging have changed in the last decades. “The duration has been extended considerably,” explains Rothemund. Today, someone retires, has a time perspective of 20 years. This is longer than our Childhood, or the study. “This time must be designed.” They may be designed.

Because that is the luck of aging. Today, people are experiencing a third age in which they are still active. Then what researchers call the fourth age is coming, the autonomy decreases.

Do You Have Plans

“The time in old age, offers incredible open spaces,” says Rothemund. Obligations arising from the working life, the people need to pull any more children large, instead, they enjoy autonomy. “Every day you can decide what you want to do with his time.”

This can of course be stressful or boring. This is exactly why everyone should prepare for it. Whether someone is 30, 45, or 50. The age expert advises, in time to begin to think about what you want to do.

If you want to travel a lot, you should create the financial base. If you the family is important to you, then it is of course practically, if you live in the vicinity. The resources for old age to set in advance. And with these factors such as money, education, Fitness, the re-orientation falls to the professional life easier.

You think your age

This is for many a great challenge. Because “our picture of the age we acquire at a young age, if it is a long way off,” says the psychologist. Therefore, the images at this time are negative, no Problem. “But it is dangerous if we import these stereotypes.” Then the process of “self-fulfilling prophecy”, the negative thoughts become a reality.

The solution: do you Have positive expectations, and imagine what you can do. “These people are happy and satisfied,” explains Rothemund. This is not a matter of rose-colored glasses. You think is quite realistic, there will be negative changes.

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